Are you looking for great body moisturizing?

Are you looking for the best body moisturizing cream? Lets examine body moisturizing and what goes into finding the best body moisturizer cream.

Your skin has it’s own natural oils which assist in maintaining moisture levels in the dermis. Your skin produces natural oils itself however these can be stripped out by a range of various factors such as sun and wind as well as pollution. This is particularly true of the skin on your face and hands as these are more exposed to the elements but can also apply to the skin of your body.

Many body moisturizing creams use ingredients which may well be harmful for your body and your skin. A prime example is the use of mineral oil in body moisturizing lotions and also in many other skin care products. It is intended that the mineral oil helps retain moisture levels in the skin by producing a layer of oil over the skin which helps reduce the amount of moisture lost.

However the exact opposite occurs because mineral oil is a byproduct of the distillation of crude oil. It can in fact dry your skin and can even lead to an increase in acne. The main reason that mineral oil is used in many moisturising body lotions and other skin care products is that mineral oil is extremely cheap.

There is no doubt that there is benefit to your skin, both on your face and on your body, of using products which help retain skin moisture. There are many excellent natural ingredients which can go together to make up a high quality body moisturizing creme. Here’s a few examples of naturally occurring oils which can do wonders to the moisture level in your skin, both in your facial skin and over your whole body.

Jojoba oil is a naturally occurring oil from the Jojoba nut. It is a wonderful natural moisturiser having a  make up that is very similar to the make up of natural human sebum, the name for the natural oil created by your skin. Because jojoba oil is so close to your natural skin oil it is readily accepted by your skin and helps balance your skins natural oils.

The best body moisturising cream also uses a range of other ingredients. An ingredient called Xtend TK is a patented ingredient manufactured from the wool of sheep. It comes closest to a miracle ingredient that helps reverse skin ageing process. It helps promote the growth of new skin cells, penetrates right into the skin and forms a barrier on the skin to help the skin retain moisture.

Phytessence Wakame is an ingredient of the best body moisturizer creams. It is made from the active ingredients in a seaweed found the coast of Japan that is largely responsible for the great skin health exhibited by so many Japanese women. Phytessence Wakame is a large part of the Japanese diet, being eaten dried and fresh, and it is no coincidence that Japanese women have wonderful skin, the best in the world.

Phytessence Wakame helps stimulate the skin to produce more elastin and collagen which are the 2 most important skin proteins involved in the retention of skin elasticity, and the smoothness and tone of your skin.

Natural vitamin E is a very powerful antioxidant which has also been shown to reverse many of the effects of skin aging. It reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles and helps prevent the formation of age spots.

Olive oil is also a wonderful natural skin moisturizer and there is now a unique ingredient developed from olive oil formulated to penetrate your skin to rehydrate it.

As well as these powerful ingredients the best body moisturizing cream uses grapeseed oil which is a very powerful antioxidant which helps repair the skin and reduce stretchmarks. It is high in a range of essential skin oils and contains natural vitamin E as well.

Many of these ingredients are used by the company which makes the best body moisturizing cream in its entire range of skin care and anti aging products however it also makes a dedicated body moisturizing lotion that utilises these ingredients and more to produce a lotion that has a very powerful effect on the skin of your body.

Of course the best way to find out how well this body moisturising lotion works is to try it for yourself. Fortunately the company that makes this product, called Xtend Life, is confident enough in the quality of their products to offer a full money back guarantee. This allows potential customers to try the product risk free to see themselves exactly how well it works.

So if you’re looking for the very best body moisturising cream we cannot go past recommending the Age-defense active body lotion from Xtend Life. You can try it risk free for yourself.

Whilst the best skin care products are generally purchased to reduce the effects of skin ageing on the face, there is no doubt that care also ought to be taken with the skin on the rest of your body. If you’re happy with the result is that you get from the Age-defense active body lotion from Xtend Life give their skin care products a try to combat the effects of ageing on the skin of your face.

Their products work sufficiently well as overall anti aging products and none of them contain harsh chemical ingredients such as mineral oil.

(An update for 2011: More and more we are beginning to understand the importance of the omega 3 fatty acids to better skin health. The omega 3 fats are the fatty acids primarily found in fish, and you can get more omega 3 in your diet by eating more fish or by taking quality Omega 3 supplements.

However there is a growing body of evidence that increasing your intake of the omega 3 fats is not only good your health generally, and your heart in particular, but there are also significant health advantages to your skin.

And one of these advantages is improving levels of skin moisture. There are others.

So make sure you read our article about Omega 3 and skin health, it may never have occurred to you before that Omega 3 supplements could have anything to do with improving your skin. They do.)

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