Facial cleansing needs a good foaming facial cleanser with safe effective ingredients

If you’re interested in great skin care then you may be interested to find out more about facial cleansing. Because a good cleansing routine adds another dimension to a good skin care routine.

Facial cleansing involves removal, firstly, of anything that you may have applied to your face yourself, such as make up or mascara. Leaving these on your skin for any amount of time is not good for your skin.

Of course a simple soap will achieve this, however a good facial cleansing routine from a skin care point of view is more complex than that.

Your skin builds up subsurface grime over time, which can accumulate in the pores of your skin. Grime and dirt from daily life, dead skin cells, bacteria and more can build up in the pores of your skin.

One of the end results of this build up is a breakout, or maybe one or 2 pimples, neither is what you want.Foaming facial cleanser

And of course a good cleansing routine should add to moisture levels in your skin.

Unfortunately many of the commercial facial cleansers on the market don’t achieve any of these things. One of the reasons why is that many of these products, as we have explained elsewhere of our website, contain various chemical ingredients which can be potentially damaging to your health and your skin.

Fragrances are a fine example. Everyone assumes that a fragrance must be good. It must be oil of roses or something like that. Sadly, fragrances are just chemicals that smell good. They are produced in the laboratory, they are not usually disclosed on the label, except that the label may say “fragrance”, and fragrances are one of the more pernicious ingredients in many skin care products.

Just search the Cosmetic Safety Database to find out more, fragrances are some of the more dangerous ingredients in many products, and are even found, sometimes, on so-called “unscented” products. Just look on the label.

Many common facial cleansers including foaming facial cleansers can include other harmful ingredients, which may dry your skin or example by stripping out the natural oils. This does not benefit your skin and is counter-productive.

Sadly there is quite a number of natural ingredients which are well known for their qualities at improving your skin, however they are often not used in favour of the cheaper chemical alternatives.

Fortunately there is a new foaming facial cleanser available from Xtend Life. This product has been 2 years in the making and it is not use any of the harsh chemical ingredients.

Rather the ingredients are natural ingredients such as kiwi fruit and honey. It’s effective at cleansing your skin as well is balancing the pH of your skin. It also helps protect your skin against the ravages of free radicals, one of the major causes of skin degradation and wrinkles.

Of course what we like best about natural skin care products from Xtend Life is that you can try them risk free, courtesy of their six-month 100 percent money back guarantee. Any company that manufactures skin care products and sells them with a 100 percent money back guarantee has to either be crazy or to make great products. In our view they make great products.

So if you’re looking for a facial cleanser then try the foaming facial cleanser from Xtend Life, safe with a money back guarantee, and see how good facial cleansing can be.

Written by - Natural Skin Health