If you’ve read about skin care you’ll come across the role of collagen. What is collagen, what does it do and do collagen supplements work?

Collagen. It’s one of the most important proteins in our bodies, and in our skin. Collagen basically holds us together. Do you really want to find it in your skin care products though?

You’ll find collagen in most areas of our bodies. Collagen exists in our bones, our cartilege, our teeth, tendons, blood vessels and more, including, of course, our skin.

Collagen is a very strong protein, and forms strands or fibers which are extremely strong, and add to our bodies ability to hold itself together.

And in our skin collagen, along with other essential skin components like elastin, helps maintain our skin strength and elasticity.

When we age we lose collagen in our skin, and elastin, and so our stores of skin collagen and elastin deplete. So, for example, our skin loses it’s ability to hold itself together quite as well, and is less elastic. It begins to sag under the influence of gravity, and this is what causes our wrinkles and lines and crows feet that we see beginning to form on our faces as we age.

So obviously if we lose collagen and elastin as we age, and this loss of collagen and elastin causes skin problems like wrinkles, we need to supplement our collagen and elastin stores to reduce the aging effect.

Yes absolutely. But here’s the rub. It’s not that easy. And although it’s possible to buy various products with collagen in them, like collagen pills or collagen supplements and many brands of anti aging skin care products, they don’t really add to our skin collagen, so don’t work.

Here’s an interesting article about collagen in our skin, as well as other parts of our body, and about how it works, (or doesn’t).

So what about collagen in skincare products? Doesn’t that replace our lost skin collagen? Sadly no. You’ll see from that article that collagen molecules (and elastin molecules) are too big to penetrate the skin, so remain on the skin surface. They do nothing.

Actually that’s not true. They do something. They help sell the product because people buy products like moisturizers, night creams and other skin care creams and anti aging creams if they see collagen and elastin listed on the label. And that’s why they’re there.

But they do nothing for your skin.

That’s why Xtend TK is such a stunning new innovation in skin care. For the first time it’s possible to improve our skin’s  store of collagen, not by just rubbing collagen on or taking collagen pills or collagen supplements, but by actually stimulating the skin to produce more of it’s own collagen.

It’s a complete breakthrough in skin care. One of the most important discoveries in skin care science ever.

Read more from our site about Xtend TK or find out more about Xtend TK at Xtend Life, the natural skin care company that makes products that use Xtend TK, and which are the worlds best skin care products.

And why don’t the big brand skincare companies use Xtend TK?Because it’s really expensive, and because they’re selling heaps of product just putting collagen and elastin into those bottles of skincare products, so they don’t need to cut into profits by using a much more expensive ingredient.

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