A new study links chemicals in cosmetics with hormones in teenage girls.

It’s not news to you if you’re a regular reader of this website that mainstream skin care products and cosmetics contain dangerous ingredients.  We’ve talked before about the nasty ingredients and chemicals in cosmetics. However here’s a new study.

It links cosmetic use with dangerous chemicals that may disrupt the hormones of maturing teenage girls. The Environmental Working Group tested the urine of girls aged between 14 and 20 and found that there was chemicals from 4 families of chemicals in EVERY sample tested.

The chemical families are Phthalates, Parabens, Musks and Triclosan.

And some of these chemicals have been linked to possible disruption of hormones in girls.

So really there’s a giant trial going on to see if these chemicals found in cosmetics and skin care products are dangerous to the hormonal development of our daughters, and everyone else who uses cosmetics and skin care products. It’s unregulated and no one really knows what the results will be, but if it turns out that having these chemicals in our cosmetics is dangerous to our children, (and of course us too) then it’s too late.

Luckily there are both safe cosmetics and safe skin care products available using natural non toxic ingredients. Luckily too, they work extremely well and are very price competitive.

Find out more about safe cosmetics and safe effective natural skin care products, or find the best safe cosmetics.

After all, who wants our daughters to be part of a huge experiment to find out whether these dangerous chemicals in skin care products and cosmetics will do damage. Because once the damage has been done it’s possibly going to be too late to do anything about it.

Keep your daughters away from dangerous cosmetics. Teach them to use safe cosmetics. Teach them the risks of dangerous ingredients in their personal and body care products.

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