You’ve got dry skin, but why. What dry skin causes could possibly do that?

Dry skin, it’s quite a scourge especially as you grow older. But what causes dry skin and what can you do about it?

Dry skin conditions can result from a wide range of factors. In fact more than a dozen factors cause dry skin conditions, some of them very rare.

You’d be surprised at how common dry skin conditions are, and how many people are searching for dry skin treatments. Some conditions are easy to treat, some not so easy.

And if you have dry skin we’re sure you know just how irritating it can be. Maybe your skin is all dull and flaky, red or even painful. And that itching.

Normal skin has an outer layer of oils that are naturally produced by the skin, and help protect our skin. But for various reasons these outer oils can be removed resulting in what is known as dry skin, or, technically, xerosis.

So lets look at some dry skin causes. There’s some that are easy to treat, and some not so easy.

1. Long hot baths.

So you love a shower or bath that is scalding hot, and love to stay there forever? That can take away natural oils from your skin. A shower is better than a bath, but keep it a little less hot.

2. Skin care products and cosmetics.

Believe it or not, many mainstream skin care products and cosmetics contain ingredients that are actually bad for your skin. If you hadn’t heard about this before read some of our articles about dangerous ingredients in skin care products.

Many ingredients actually dry our skin. Some examples are pH balancers and mineral oil. Mineral oil is a petrochemical product (ie derived from crude oil) and damages your skin, but is used because it is cheap.

High quality natural skin care products are way better for your skin, won’t damage it and will overcome dry skin conditions more easily.

3. Exposure to the sun.

Sunburn can easily strip your skin of natural oils. It also damages your skin in other ways, and you should avoid sunburn at all costs. Anywhere, anytime.43. Central heating/air conditioning.

This also can cause dry skin conditions by reducing humidity and dry your skin out.

5. Soaps and detergents.

Modern soaps and detergents can also do this. And shampoos. Many of these contain harmful ingredients as well, and should be avoided. Deodorizing and anti bacterial soaps should be avoided, you don’t need them. Any soap that makes a huge lather and makes you feel squeaky clean isn’t good. Try changing your soap, choose a natural soap, deodorant free and fragrance free, and keep changing till you find one friendly to your skin.

6. Psoriasis, medical conditions, and drugs.

Many medical conditions, like psoriasis and aczema, can cause dry skin, and some drugs can too. For specific medical conditions consult your doctor.

7. Climate.

Weather can dry out our skin too. Particularly very dry air and cold weather. This can be very common in winter, and is a major dry skin cause, one many people never think about. This can usually be corrected with a high quality natural moisturizer, or even better, a complete natural skin care product.

8. Believe it or not itchy clothing can cause dry skin. So if your clothing itches junk it.

So, those are 8 dry skin causes, what dry skin treatments are there? Well of course it goes without saying that for medical conditions you ought to see a doctor. But in many cases this isn’t necessary.

We have already suggested some dry skin natural remedies like cooler showers and changing to more natural soaps and shampoos and you may well find that this solved the problem. Natural remedies are often cheaper and easier to achieve, and have no risk to other areas of health.

And finally you should consider using high quality natural skin care products. Natural skin care products don’t contain the dangerous ingredients that the big name skin care products contain. Rather they contain natural ingredients that moisturize very successfully, like Babassu oil from the nut of the Babassu tree, and avocado oil.

But surprisingly, although the ingredients in natural skin care products are more expensive than those in regular anti aging skin care products the products themselves are very cost competitive because the small niche skin care company that makes them doesn’t spend on TV advertising.

So there you have 8 dry skin causes, most of which you should be able to treat yourself, using a combination of your new found knowledge about the causes of dry skin, together with a regime of natural skin care products. Those are the best dry skin care tips we can provide.

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