(Can you get rid of eye bags fast?)

If you’re wanting to know how to get rid of eye bags fast then we have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that if you’re looking to completely get rid of your eye bags and do it fast then you can’t really.

Getting rid of undereye bags isn’t something that happens fast. That’s if you want to get rid of them rather than cover them up. The good news is that if you’re just looking to make them less visible than some good make up should do this.

And the other good news is that it is possible to have some success in reducing the appearance of under eye bagginess, but don’t expect it to happen fast.

Unfortunately the area around your eyes, and underneath your eyes, is one which shows some of the signs of ageing. As you age your skin loses some of its store of collagen and elastin and this creates some bagginess and loose skin.how to get rid of eye bags fast

On top of this the area underneath your eyes can suffer from a build up of fluid, or even small amounts of blood from broken capillaries.

Whilst make-up can go some way towards disguising the look of dark circles and baggi under the eyes it only goes some of the way. If you like to work towards getting rid of your eye bags then there is a few options.

One which we haven’t investigated but which we’ve heard about is massage, though we don’t have any specific feedback on that.

However we do know that there are some effective products which specifically target the health of the area underneath your eyes.

What such products need to do is to both target the loss of collagen and elastin by increasing the store of collagen and elastin in the skin underneath the eyes as well as reducing the amount of fluid.

Whilst many skin care products claim to increase the amount of collagen and elastin in the skin very few actually do. That’s because although many of these products include collagen and elastin in the product it’s well known that the molecule size of collagen and elastin is too large to enter the skin.

However one particular product, the Eye Contour Serum from Xtend Life, targets the replacement of collagen and elastin by stimulating the skin to grow more all by itself.

And this product also includes a revolutionary new ingredient called Eyeliss which, in testing, has been shown to improve the ability of the area under the eyes to drain fluid away.

Unfortunately it isn’t possible to get rid of eye bags fast, only to disguise them with make up. But it is possible to tackle this problem over a longer term, if you’re prepared to work to and use the right products, and wait a little longer for the results.

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