Are you so embarrassed by your wrinkles that you call them “laugh lines”?

Have you ever wondered what a laugh lines are? Well of course they could just be part of a joke, or they could be more serious. For many of us laugh lines have nothing to do with jokes. They are in fact a visible demonstration of the aging of our skin.

Facial laugh lines can be known by many names. Crows feet, face crinkles, furrows, creases or seams on our face or just plain simple wrinkles. The term is really just a nice way of saying that we have wrinkles.

And of course like many things that happen to us when we age most of us do not want to have wrinkles on our face. What is it that causes wrinkles, or laugh lines, and what is there that we can do about it?

As we age our skin undergoes a slow deterioration. When we were young our skin was supple, smooth and elastic. It looked great and it felt healthy. However as we start to age many of the skin properties that we took for granted in our youth start to decline.

And it’s not just advancing age causes our skin to deteriorate. There are a range of other factors, many of them preventable, which cause our skin to lose some of its health giving properties.

Two lifestyle factors which severely impact on the health of our skin are both preventable. The first is smoking. Smoking is just terrible for your skin. It’s probably one of the single worst things that you can do to your skin. This is for a number of reasons including the fact that smoking damages the ability of our veins to carry our blood around our body well. Our skin relies on good blood flow just as other parts of our body do.

The next thing that causes serious damage to our skin, including the creation of wrinkles, or laugh lines, is sunburn. Getting our skin burned is almost as bad as smoking and can lead to serious skin problems or even death from skin cancer.

And diet also contributes to the health of our skin. We have said before you cannot have great looking skin on a diet of pizzas and burgers. The same goes for exercise. Just as exercise benefits the rest of our body exercise also aids blood flow to the skin which improves skin health.

There are also factors other than these that affect our skin health as we age. As we age our skin gradually loses its ability to replace the 2 most important proteins in the skin, collagen and elastin. In a youth our skin as an ample supply of collagen and elastin but as we age our skin is gradually less able to replace these itself.

As we lose stores of collagen and elastin in our skin our skin starts to sag, form lines that some people euphemistically call laugh lines, and wrinkles. Less elastin and collagen means that your skin will show the effects of gravity more.

So if you have wrinkles, and like to call them laugh lines to cover up your embarrassment, what do you do? Traditionally the approach taken to improving the levels of collagen and elastin in our skin is to add both these proteins to bottles of skin care products for customers to apply to their skin. Unfortunately though it has been known for some years that elastin and collagen cannot penetrate the skin and therefore this approach does not work. However will still see elastin and collagen in bottles of anti aging products because it works well to sell products.

Fortunately some clever people have found a workaround to this problem. Rather than to improve the store of collagen and elastin in the skin they have found a way to stimulate the skin to produce more collagen and elastin itself. This is done by a combination of very good natural oils, extracts from seaweed and from the wool of sheep and from a range of other natural skin care ingredients.

Studies on these new natural skin care products have been impressive with visible results within a few weeks. The company is now so proud of this range of new natural skin care products that it actually offers a money back guarantee on the products.

So if you keep joking to your friends about your new laugh lines, consider tackling your wrinkles with a range of natural skin care products that would increase the levels of collagen and elastin in your skin and provide results that you can really see.

It’s unnecessary to feel embarrassed about your laugh lines, whether you call them crinkles, brow furrows, face creases or crows feet. They are just wrinkles that have formed on your skin as you age and there is something that you can do about it.

Oh, and don’t forget, stay out of the strong sun, don’t smoke, get some regular exercise and eat a better diet. All these will also help rid you of your laugh lines.

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