Sunburn is bad for your skin, so should you use a moisturizer with sunscreen?

We had a reader recently ask us this exact question, should I use a moisturizer with sunscreen. So we thought we’d talk about this subject now, because the answer may not be quite what you thought it might be.

There’s no doubt that sunburn is really bad for our skin, in fact sunburn is probably one of the single worst things you can do to your skin.

If you want to guarantee older looking skin with all the symptoms of aging skin like dryness, sagging, wrinkles and more, just get a sunburned face regularly from an early age.

Not to mention skin cancer.

So surely it makes sense to use a facial moisturizer with sunscreen with an spf as high as you can get?

Not necessarily, though we certainly aren’t saying that it’s fine to get sunburned. (Hint – you need high quality skin care products)

Why isn’t it a good idea to use a moisturizer with an spf factor?  Because there is evidence that the daily use of sunscreens can be dangerous to your health, and even some suggestion that daily use of an spf moisturizer could lead to cancer.

Now that isn’t proven, however it is certainly suspected by many scientists. If you use a sunscreen occasionally, say 5 or 6 times a year when you go on the beach, the risk is very low. But if you use a moisturizer with sunscreen added you may well use it daily, and so the risk is way higher.

There are different types of sunscreen. Particularly 2 different types, those that work in the skin once they have been absorbed into the skin, and those that stay on the surface of the skin and don’t soak in, like zinc or titanium sunblocks. Those that stay on the surface don’t get into your bloodsteam.

If the sunscreen soaks in then a portion of them will get into your bloodstream. Possibly dangerous. And most skincare products with spf factors use the type that soaks in because it looks and feels better.

Spf factor is produced by use of synthetic chemicals, and it’s always a concern getting synthetic chemicals into your bloodstream.

And there’s another factor to consider. If you block the sun to your face daily you can suffer from a deficiency of vitamin D, because the sun on our skin helps our vitamin D supply. Studies have shown that up to  60% of Americans are vitamin D deficient, though not necessarily all from sunscreen use.

So what should you do?

Use the highest quality moisturizer with no sunscreen added, to find the worlds best moisturizer click here.

And use a sunscreen with either zinc or titanium block only on days when you really think you are at risk of sunburn.And on most days you really won’t need sunscreen anyway, so enjoy your extra supplies of vitamin D.

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