Not all oils are good for your skin. Natural skin care oils are.

Oil. What is the role of oils in the skin, why would you want to use natural skin care oils rather than the oils used in most mainstream skin care lines and what are the best natural skin care oils? Lets see.

Traditionally most skin care products use oils. The right oils make excellent moisturizers. But not all skin care products use the right oils.

Most skin care products, and some cosmetics, use mineral oil. Mineral oil is a petrochemical product. That means it comes from crude oil and is a by by product of crude oil processing.

Does that make you cringe? It certainly makes me cringe thinking of using a product derived from crude oil on my face. It can also go by the names of liquid paraffin, paraffin wax and petrolatum.

Mineral oil isn’t a great moisturizer. It stays on the surface of the skin and clogs the pores of the skin. This can cause acne and some skin conditions. It can also strip away the skin’s natural oils causing dryness and skin aging.

Further, there is some evidence that applying mineral oil to the body can be dangerous, putting you at risk of some cancers.

So why do the big brands use mineral oil? Because it’s cheap.

What alternatives are there? Are there natural skin care oils that help, rather than hurt, the skin? What natural oils would do that and is there some way of using them for skin care?

Yes absolutely there are natural skin care oils that are wonderful for the skin. Here’s a couple of examples.

Babassu oil is an oil that is extracted from the nut of the Babassu tree that grows in Brazil. It is a natural skin moisturizer and has been used by the locals for centuries for it’s skin health properties. Babassu oil creates an invisible film of oil on the surface of the skin, helping the skin retain moisture.

It’s a natural oil, in other words it’s not made in a lab or distilled from crude oil. It’s a natural skin protector and it helps the skin retain moisture. It is beneficial for both dry and oily skin and is very good for eczema, itchy, dry and inflamed skin.

That’s one natural skin care oil. But there’s plenty more.

How about Capuacu butter. It’s an oil that comes from the Capaucu tree from Africa. It’s one of the best known natural moisturizers you can get. It helps protect the skin from sunburn, it is rich in skin nutrients and in particular in stearic and oleic acid, both very important for skin health.

Or how about grapeseed oil, a natural skin care oil that is also a powerful anti oxidant and helps the skin retain moisture as well. It has plenty of natural vitamin E, a powerful anti oxidant.

Combine these powerful natural skin care oils into one powerful skin care line and you’ve got a recipe for great skin care. Why don’t the big companies do it? Because it’s more expensive.

They prefer to spend their money on marketing. That’s why you see all those very expensive TV ads featuring models and stars who get paid a lot and probably don’t even use the product.

So can you actually buy skin care and anti aging products that contain these natural skin care oils? Absolutely. One small niche skin care company called Xtend Life make powerful natural skin care products that contain natural oils like these, and much more.

Safe to use, no mineral oil, and great for your skin. Backed by a money back guarantee so you can try them risk free. Try getting that from one of the big brands. They’d be swamped by refund requests.

Yes there are some wonderful natural skin oils around and you can get them in the worlds best skin care products. Swear off mineral oil in your products, it isn’t good for you, or your skin.

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