Omega 3 and skin care do go together. Here’s why.

Omega 3 fish oil supplements are some of the fastest growing biggest selling supplements on the planet, and  for good reason. Science has confirmed over and over that Omega 3 fatty acids found primarily in fish are extremely good for us, and we all ought to be eating more.

But because fish is expensive and normally contaminated with some heavy metals like Mercury, we shouldn’t eat it all the time. So Omega 3 capsules are usually taken.

But there is also a link between Omega 3 and skin health. And so many people who take fish oil capsules do so for better skin as well as for better health.

One of the major reasons is that Omega 3 fats play a significant role in reducing inflammation in our bodies, and this is also extremely beneficial to the skin.

There’s a range of conditions that can benefit from fish oils supplementation. Studies have shown a lessening of wrinkles after some months of Omega 3 fish oil supplementation, and an improvement in skin firmness.

Not only that there is a strong link between Omega 3 and dry skin improvemeny. Fish oil has polyunsaturated fats, and these help replenish fats lost in the skin causing skin dryness or excessive flaking.

For example dry skin caused by strong winds or sun can benefit from more fish oil to replenish the skin fats lost to exposure. The dry skin benefits of fish oil are quite pronounced.

There are also various specific skin conditions that can benefit from fish oil supplementation, for similar reasons. These include eczema and dermatitis as well as psoriasis. All these benefit from the anti inflammatory qualities of fish oil.

One of the main fats in Omega 3 fish oil supplements in DHA, or Docosahexaenoic Acid. This is the primary polyunsatured fat in Omega 3s that is of benefit to both our bodies and our skin. Others are also beneficial, but DHA is the most important, and it’s essential to choose fish oil capsule that is high in DHA, not all are.

However although fish oil is extremely healthy for us generally, and is also very good for our skin, it is still taken internally. So if you’re interested in the best skin care taking fish oil supplements is only going half way. You need topically applied skin care products as well as fish oil supplements, and if you combine the very best natural skin care products with the best Omega 3 fish oil supplements you’ve got a recipe for great general health as well as greatly improved skin.

So remember, Omega 3 and skin care go together. Both are complementary to each other. So for the best skin care regime, combine the two.

(Update: Nov 2011 We have always suggested that the Omega 3 supplements from Xtend Life are the best available, in our view.

More recently Xtend Life have released several new versions of their Omega 3 supplements, including a premium Omega 3 which is also this aimed directly at improving skin health, not only because of the health benefits of the Omega 3 fats to the skin but also because they have added other ingredients directly aimed at improving skin health.

The 2 primary ingredients which are now available in the premium Omega 3 are lycopene and astaxanthin.

You may have heard of both of these. Both have had some exposure in the media for their health benefits.

Lycopene is found in tomatoes and has a number of health benefits as well as benefits to your skin. And astaxanthin is one of the substances found in krill oil, though in small amounts.

Studies have shown that adding these to ingredients to the Omega 3 supplements has a beneficial effect on the skin by increasing it’s thickness and density and decreasing skin roughness, as well as improving skin moisture content.

Of course all of these are extremely beneficial for your skin and help it look better.

So rather than just buying simple Omega 3 supplements trythe premium Omega 3 supplements and improve your result.)

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