Dangerous? How could a skin lightening cream be dangerous?

If you’ve read our site you’ll know that we warn extensively of the risks of dangerous ingredients in cosmetics and skin care products. Skin lightening creams are no exception, and are, if anything, worse. (Unless you choose a good one).

The main issue is the skin lightening creams mode of action.  To lighten the pigment of your skin a bleaching cream has to use some pretty powerful ingredients. Some, in particular one called hydroquinone, have been found to be dangerous.

Hydroquinone is linked to cancer, as well as a condition called ochronosis which results in skin disfigurement. It is a toxic chemical used in photo processing and the manufacture of rubber, and in skin bleaching products. It’s use in skin bleaching is banned in Europe.

The other dangerous ingredient used in skin bleaching is mercury in the form of mercury chloride & ammoniated mercury. It too is dangerous (after all, it’s mercury!!)

Both, if purchased outright, come with warnings of toxicity on the label. You don’t want to be putting them on your face. They can also cause skin pigmentation variation and premature aging as well as skin cancer.

The risks of what are called skin bleaching creams, or lightening face creams, are such that the FDA has now issued a warning “that over-the-counter (OTC) skin bleaching drug products are not generally recognized as safe and effective”.

In other words skin whitening creams are dangerous to your health, though not all.

So, if you really want to lighten the color of your skin can you safely do so or do you take your health in your hands attempting skin lightening?

Good question. One that I hope we can answer for you in the affirmative today.

You see there are effective skin lightening cremes available that do not use the harmful ingredients that have led to all the negative publicity about skin bleaching. They use natural and known safe ingredients and, as well, they work to lighten the color of your skin.

And as well it has excellent anti aging properties as well.

Lets have a look at the Xtend Life Natural Whitening Day Cream.

Xtend Life is a niche skin care company that concentrates on making top shelf skin care products using only known safe, and effective, natural ingredients. Their natural skin care products are already considered to be some of the best skin care products in the world, period. Now they have a skin lightening cream as well.

In keeping with their philosophy of using only known safe, natural, effective ingredients they have used a safe, natural and effective ingredient as the functional ingredient in their lightening face cream.

It’s Extrapone Nutgrass. What it does is to inhibit the action of melanin. Melanin is a skin pigment responsible for skin color. The color of a persons skin is primarily determined by the amount of melanin in the skin. The more melanin, the blacker the skin.

Extrapone Nutgrass was originally discovered to reduce skin irritation, but it was soon found that those who were using it also experienced a lightening of the skin color. Attention was turned to finding out why, and it was found that Extrapone Nutgrass reduced the amount of melanin in the skin.

Nutgrass is a plant, sometimes known as sedge. It’s botanical name is cyperus rotundus. Studies have shown that when applied topically to the skin it results in skin whitening in a relatively short time, with no dangerous side effects.

But Xtend Life are not content to just produce a skin lightening creme. They have a commitment to product quality and so also include in their Natural Whitening Day Cream the range of ingredients used in their excellent natural skin care products.

So as well as getting the effect of lightening cream on the skin you’re also getting the right ingredients for combating the skin effects of aging generally.

It’s a product unlike any other in the world. The market for skin whitening is huge, and even though many products containing hydroquinone are banned, there is still a black market in these products due to the demand for skin whitening products.

You can lighten your skin without risking your health. And also combat aging at the same time. Head over to the page on Xtend Life’s website about their Natural Whitening Day Cream and find out why you can find safe skin whitening products

(Update: 2011. It seems that the debate about hydroquinone continues, and its use in over-the-counter products in the US continues.

Despite everything we have referred to above it is still available in skin whitening products, and others.

If you haven’t read enough already to convince you to avoid skin whitening creams that contain hydroquinone then read this article.)

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