Xtend TK is a safe effective moisturizer, petrolatum is not.

You may have been using moisturizers for many years but despite that you may never have heard of Xtend TK. That’s because it is not a moisturizer but is in fact an essential ingredient in the best moisturizer, or the best skin care products. But you may well have heard of Petrolatum.

Petrolatum is an ingredient found in many of the best-known and most popular moisturizers. If you have a moisturizer at home right now have a look on the label and see if petrolatum is listed there. It probably is but Xtend TK is probably not.

Petrolatum is a petrochemical product as the name suggests. Vasoline is petrolatum. It is used in a wide range of skin care products and other products such as cosmetics for a number of reasons. For example it is used in lipsticks because of its lubricating qualities.

There are a number of other petrochemical products commonly found in mainstream skin care products and other personal and beauty products including mineral oil. You may also from time to time see glycerin and paraffin listed on the labels.

These ingredients are not effective moisturisers. Rather what they do is to repel moisture. That’s why petrolatum, or vasoline, works so well on diaper rash, because it repels moisture. The principle behind using these ingredients in skin care products is that they form a film over the skin to prevent moisture loss because the moisture cannot use the film of oil.

The main reason these ingredients are used is that they are extremely cheap. Mineral oil for example is cheaper to buy than it is to dispose of.

However they are not good moisturizers. Mineral oil has been linked to a number of health problems and is now no longer allowed in any form of medication. Petrolatum has also been linked to breast cancer and is now banned for use in these products in the European Union.

It is gradually becoming more well-known that many of the ingredients used in mainstream personal and anti aging products are not particularly effective and can lead to health problems. There are now entire organisations set up to combat this proliferation of suspect ingredients in personal products, for example the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

Enter Xtend TK.

This is one of the major active ingredients found in the best natural skin care products that moisturize skin far more effectively than the big brand names that use petroleum based products.

Xtend TK has no petroleum products in it. It is a patented high quality ingredient used only in the very best skin care products. It is sourced from the wool of sheep and everything in Xtend TK is naturally occurring and safe to use.

You may have heard of the important role of keratin in your skin. Many products contain keratin because it is an essential component of healthy skin and helps in the production of collagen. However the keratin used in most skin care products is sourced from the hooves and horns of animals and is removed from these by a process using heat and acid. This alters the form of the resulting keratin and makes it effectively useless to the skin.

The process that extracts keratin from the wool of sheep for Xtend TK does not use either heat or acid. This results in a form of keratin that is available to the skin and which use far more successful at stimulating the natural production of collagen in the skin.

Only the very best skin care products use Xtend TK because it is extremely expensive to buy. Most skin care companies try to minimise the cost of the products and spend most of their budget on marketing. That’s why you see so much of their advertising on TV.

However one small niche skin care company chooses not to advertise at all but rather to spend its budget on product quality and not on marketing, on the principle that a new customer will become a customer for life. Therefore they can afford far more expensive ingredients at much greater quantities in their products and still sell them at a price that is cost competitive with the big brands.

This company doesn’t make a moisturizer. The reason for this is that all their skin care products contain Xtend TK, together with a range of other effective natural moisturizers and therefore customers do not need to buy a dedicated moisturizer. All the products moisturize successfully.

Now you can see why you have never heard of Xtend TK. It’s not advertised but it is a major ingredient in the best natural skin care products money can buy. Throw out in care products you may have now petroleum-based ingredients and changed to natural skin care products that are more effective to use and safe for your health.

Written by - Natural Skin Health

What do you look for in the best moisturizer money can buy?

Are you seriously interested in skin care and looking to find the best moisturizer that money can buy? Today we want to examine in greater depth some of the ingredients that are found in modern anti aging skin care products and to discover why many products advertised as top shelf moisturizer creams and moisturizer lotions do not work well.

The large personal care companies that make such personal and beauty products as cosmetics, soaps, shampoos, deodorants and anti aging skin care products have a reliance on the use of synthetic chemical ingredients in their products and also petrochemical ingredients.

It is rare to see any natural ingredients in any volume in any mainstream bottle of moisturizing cream, for example. Let’s examine some of the ingredients that you find in many big name products and see why they are not effective and may even be dangerous for your skin and health.

The first of these is mineral oil. Mineral oil is found in a wide range of personal, beauty and body and skin care products. If you have some of these products in the cupboard now go and check the label. Chances are you will see mineral oil listed on the label. This even includes many products that are considered by some to be top quality moisturizing creams and lotions.

Mineral oil is a petrochemical product derived from the distillation of crude oil. It is in fact a waste product of that process and mineral oil is exceedingly abundant. It is used in many products because it is extremely cheap to buy and in fact is cheaper to buy mineral oil than it is to dispose of it. It is a clear oil that keeps well and has no scent.

Mineral oil is present in many baby care products as well including baby oils. Some baby oils are pure mineral oil. You also find it in Vaseline and baby soaps and lotions.

The reason that mineral oil is in many skin moisturizing products and others, is that it performs a certain function at a very low price. Mineral oil forms a film on the skin and when used in moisturizing products the intention is that the film created over the skin will protect the skin from moisture loss. And to some extent it does this.

However it does this at a price. Mineral oil clogs the pores of the skin and can lead, in some people, to allergic skin reactions and skin conditions such as psoriasis and acne.

Mineral oil will, over time, absorb into the body. When it does so it can lead to health problems including nutritional deficiencies. The Cosmetic Safety Database advises that mineral oil is linked to cancer, allergies, immunotoxicity, organ system toxicity and skin irritation.

In many industries that produce products for people that are taken internally mineral oil is now considered inappropriate. Here is a quote from a mineral oil material safety data sheet.


Mineral oil is now not used in many products where it was previously used. Of course there is no reason why mineral oil applied to the skin is any different to mineral oil taken internally because, once absorbed through the skin, it is internal.

So if you’re looking to find the best face moisturizer on the market avoid all products that have mineral oil listed on the label. Apart from anything else they are not good moisturizers.

This may all come as a surprise to you if you have been using mainstream moisturizing creams and moisturizing lotions in the past. However now may well be the best time to rethink your skin care products and search for the best moisturizer that money can buy that uses safe, natural and effective ingredients.

So now let’s examine what ingredients you might find in the best skin moisturizer. There is a wide range of naturally occurring extremely effective natural ingredients that are found in the best moisturizer creams and skin care products and which are totally safe to your skin and your body.

1. Xtend TK. Xtend TK is an ingredient that is only found in the very best moisturizer creams and skin care products.It is a patented ingredient sourced primarily from the wool of sheep and is very effective is a natural moisturizer and also at recreating skin elasticity that you have probably lost from your youth.

2. Phytessence Wakame. Phytessence Wakame is a seaweed that is found around the coast of Japan and is a large part of the Japanese diet. It is packed with a wide range of vitamins and minerals that are essential to good skin health. Example calcium is very important to skin health and Phytessence Wakame is 15 times higher in calcium than milk.

3. Natural plant oils. There is a wide range of oils that can be sourced from various fruits and nuts that grow widely on our planet. Avocado oil, Babassu oil, Shea butter, Olive oil and many others all have very effective moisturizing and skin health properties and the best moisturizers make use of all of these ingredients and much more.

The best moisturizer lotions and creams are totally safe for your skin and also for your health. And they work far better to moisturize your skin and also to produce improvements in skin health such as improving skin elasticity.

So why don’t the big brand names use these ingredients? It comes down to cost. Synthetic, chemical and petrochemical ingredients are exceedingly cheap. Because these companies spend huge amounts of money on marketing they are not able to spend as much money on product quality and still be price competitive.

Mineral oil is a classic example. It costs virtually nothing and is found so many modern products for that reason.

The company which makes the best natural skin care products has a totally different philosophy. They do not advertise on TV, because it is extremely expensive to do so and this compromises their product budget. Rather they choose to spend their money on product quality and to compete with the big brands on product quality rather than marketing budget.

For example Cynergy TK is extremely expensive and is not used by the big companies for that reason. However the best moisturizing products use Cynergy TK because they can afford to do so because they have not spent up big on television advertising.

And the same reason, despite the fact that their products use extremely expensive ingredients, their products are very price competitive because they do not need to fund a massive marketing budget.

At the start we asked the question what do you look for in the best moisturizer that money can buy. It is both a matter of what you do look for and what you need to avoid. Avoid all products with mineral oil. There are other chemical ingredients to avoid as well however that is the subject of another article.

When seeking to find the best moisturiser look for natural ingredients such as those we have mentioned above.

In our view the skin care products from Xtend Life are the best skin care products money can buy. They do not offer a specific moisturizer because all their products contain ingredients necessary to retain and promote skin moisture. That is because moisturizing is an essential component of any skin care routine and therefore all products used on the skin should moisturize effectively.

We hope through this website to educate our readers to the dangers of modern products. Unfortunately big business does not have a strong commitment to customer safety. If they can save some money by using cheap ingredients that maybe risky to their customers they will do so.

Written by - Natural Skin Health

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