What have grapefruit to do with lowering cholesterol?

If you’re trying to lower your cholesterol you have quite a number of choices. Yesterday we wrote about lowering cholesterol naturally.

And our choice is always to try natural methods to lower cholesterol, because we don’t like to see people taking the risks of using cholesterol lowering drugs like statin drugs to lower cholesterol because of risks associated with these drugs.

And you need to remember that if you’ve been told by your doctor to lower your cholesterol and he’s prescribed statin drugs to you to do this, he is, in effect, asking you to stay on statins for the rest of your life.

Because once you’ve started on them they may work, but if you stop your cholesterol goes back up unless you’ve changed something else significant in your life as well.

Anyway, we’ve been reading about one of the other considerations of using drugs like statins to lower cholesterol levels. It’s called the “grapefruit effect”.

No it doesn’t mean that if you eat lots of grapefruit you can lower your cholesterol by eating grapefruit. In fact it’s the opposite.

Scientists have found that if you are on cholesterol lowering prescription drugs like statins, that if you eat grapefruit then this will increase the levels of these drugs in your bloodstream without you actually taking any more of them.

Canadian scientists together with scientists from the University of Michigan found that an enzyme in your stomach interferes with the breakdown of these prescription drugs and so, as it stops them from breaking down in your stomach, will increase the blood levels of these drugs.

And eating grapefruit increases this to potentially toxic levels. It’s not currently understood why.

And it seems that the effects of eating grapefruit on these drugs varies from person to person too.

Another reason why you ought to consider more natural cholesterol lowering supplements together with some basic diet and lifestyle changes.

We would always prefer to start with natural methods rather than take the risks associated with cholesterol lowering drugs.

So if you’re already using cholesterol lowering drugs it may pay you to find out a little more about the “grapefruit effect”, especially if you love grapefruit.

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If your cholesterol is too high you’re considering taking drugs? Is there a more natural way?

If your cholesterol is too high you have quite a few choices. There’s a few things you can do to lower your cholesterol, and at the same time to make yourself healthier overall.

If your cholesterol is too high you ought to seriously consider a change of diet and lifestyle. This isn’t just to lower your cholesterol, it’s to make you healthier, and this itself should help you lower your cholesterol. And it should also make you feel better, and impact in other areas of your life.

So spend some time looking at both your diet, and how much exercise you do. Eat better, and exercise more, and you’ll get an improvement in your cholesterol levels, and perhaps an improvement in your good cholesterol/bad cholesterol ratio.

However if your cholesterol is too high a change of diet and increase in exercise may not be sufficient on it’s own.

Now of course you could take drugs, statin drugs are extremely common, and make massive amounts of money for the drug companies. Because once you’re on a statin drug you’re probably on it for life, so imagine how much money a drug company makes over your lifetime.

That of course doesn’t mean that statin drugs are no good, just that there are massive incentives for the drug companies to keep selling as many statin drugs as possible. And so they play down the problems that have been recorded by many using statin drugs, and the risks to taking these drugs to lower your cholesterol.

But is there are more natural approach to lowering your cholesterol that may work as well, or even better, than taking drugs.

Yes, there’s diet and lifestyle and exercise. But there’s more. I’d suggest a product called Lipi Rite┬áby Xtend Life. The ingredients have all been shown to be extremely effective in lowering cholesterol, but equally as important they have all been shown also not to have any negative side effects.

And that’s just as important, because you don’t want to be lowering your cholesterol but having other health problems as a result of the medication you’re taking.

So if you’re looking for a more natural solution than using statin drugs, consider Lipi Rite. It’s got a money back guarantee, and it’s safe.

Written by - Natural Skin Health

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