The Cosmetic Safety Database is one of the best resources you have.

We’ve talked before about the Cosmetic Safety Database. It’s a website where you can search to see if any particular personal product or ingredient in a personal product, such as a skin care or anti aging product, is safe to use.

Today we’ve decided to put up a video for you to actually see how to do this. It’s not difficult but for some it might be a little daunting and so seeing it done is always the best way to get started yourself. Just follow the same process that you see in the video.

This is the first in a series of videos about how to use the Database. Over the next few days we’ll be adding more, telling you about how to search individual products as well as how to search individual product ingredients, and even product manufacturers.

As we say in the video however, you can’t rely on the results of a search 100%. There are always shades of gray in these things. There are always data gaps, meaning that all of the data is not available. And it’s astounding the number of new chemicals that are used in these types of products that haven’t been tested for human safety, so no one even knows if they are safe or not. That’s a data gap.

But it’s about the best place to start if you’re worried about the possible health risks of some personal products that you may be concerned about buying or may use now. Use the information as a starting point to more research, and if you see a score of 7 or above consider using a safer alternative unless you can see powerful reasons to stick with that particular product.

But for the moment the Cosmetic Safety Database is the best tool we’ve got to find out more about the possible health risks of so many personal products.

Enjoy the video, we hope you find it instructive.

Here’s the link to the Cosmetic Safety Database.

And if you’d like to find out which skin care products we consider to be both the safest, and the most effective, click here.

Written by - Natural Skin Health

You need to find out whether the products you may be buying now could be hazardous.

We’ve talked before about dangerous skin care products, and how there may well be hazardous ingredients in the skin care products that you may well buy now.

How there is little FDA regulation or control of what ingredients skincare companies can use in their skincare products, and for that matter in cosmetics either, and that this can result in skincare products and anti aging products with ingredients  in them that are considered to be hazardous. (Though not all skin care are hazardous, just some)!

And when it comes to buying great skin care products, the very FIRST consideration for you, the consumer, is that the product doesn’t have the potential to do you harm.

Many skin care products don’t perform well, or do nothing at all for promoting great looking healthy skin. But when they can actually harm your skin, or your health, that’s another matter entirely.

So if you buy skin care products and anti aging products now, and are wondering if any of those products could be hazardous, what do you do about it?

There’s a way to research this. There is an organization called the Environmental Working Group which runs the Cosmetic Safety Database, which reports on the companies, and the products, that may be worth avoiding. They list products according to the degree of risk ingredients in those products may pose to users.

It’s listed on a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is lower risk, or hazard, and 10 is maximum hazard.

So you don’t want to find that the products YOU use are a 7 or 8 on the hazard scale.

Find out.

Just go to the Cosmetic Safety Database and search either the product that you use or the company that makes it. You’ll see the search tool right there on their home page.

I just searched “Olay” for an example. The database tells me that Olay has 279 products listed from 1 to 9. I clicked the “OLAY AGE DEFYING AGE DEFYING ANTI-WRINKLE DAILY LOTION, SPF 15”.

It tells me that this product rates a hazard rating of 7 out of 10, and is not recommended. And it tells you what the problems with it are. It tells you that the products ingredients are linked to:

1. Cancer.
2. Developmental/reproductive toxicity.
3. Allergies.
4 And a list of other concerns.

(and that the company tests on animals too. And that they haven’t signed the Compact for Safe Cosmetics.)

So if you’ve read our site, and you’re concerned about the safety of the products you may be using, including sunscreens, skincare products, anti aging products, cosmetics and more, you can research exactly what the problems you face may be.

What Do You Do About It?

Use high quality natural skin care products that don’t contain harmful ingredients. Xtend Life make the best skin care products in the world, not only are they safe to use, they are also the most effective skin care products and anti aging products on the market.


So if you’re worried about the safety of your current skin care products or cosmetics, you now have a tool to find out.

Written by - Natural Skin Health

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