Xtend TK is a safe effective moisturizer, petrolatum is not.

You may have been using moisturizers for many years but despite that you may never have heard of Xtend TK. That’s because it is not a moisturizer but is in fact an essential ingredient in the best moisturizer, or the best skin care products. But you may well have heard of Petrolatum.

Petrolatum is an ingredient found in many of the best-known and most popular moisturizers. If you have a moisturizer at home right now have a look on the label and see if petrolatum is listed there. It probably is but Xtend TK is probably not.

Petrolatum is a petrochemical product as the name suggests. Vasoline is petrolatum. It is used in a wide range of skin care products and other products such as cosmetics for a number of reasons. For example it is used in lipsticks because of its lubricating qualities.

There are a number of other petrochemical products commonly found in mainstream skin care products and other personal and beauty products including mineral oil. You may also from time to time see glycerin and paraffin listed on the labels.

These ingredients are not effective moisturisers. Rather what they do is to repel moisture. That’s why petrolatum, or vasoline, works so well on diaper rash, because it repels moisture. The principle behind using these ingredients in skin care products is that they form a film over the skin to prevent moisture loss because the moisture cannot use the film of oil.

The main reason these ingredients are used is that they are extremely cheap. Mineral oil for example is cheaper to buy than it is to dispose of.

However they are not good moisturizers. Mineral oil has been linked to a number of health problems and is now no longer allowed in any form of medication. Petrolatum has also been linked to breast cancer and is now banned for use in these products in the European Union.

It is gradually becoming more well-known that many of the ingredients used in mainstream personal and anti aging products are not particularly effective and can lead to health problems. There are now entire organisations set up to combat this proliferation of suspect ingredients in personal products, for example the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

Enter Xtend TK.

This is one of the major active ingredients found in the best natural skin care products that moisturize skin far more effectively than the big brand names that use petroleum based products.

Xtend TK has no petroleum products in it. It is a patented high quality ingredient used only in the very best skin care products. It is sourced from the wool of sheep and everything in Xtend TK is naturally occurring and safe to use.

You may have heard of the important role of keratin in your skin. Many products contain keratin because it is an essential component of healthy skin and helps in the production of collagen. However the keratin used in most skin care products is sourced from the hooves and horns of animals and is removed from these by a process using heat and acid. This alters the form of the resulting keratin and makes it effectively useless to the skin.

The process that extracts keratin from the wool of sheep for Xtend TK does not use either heat or acid. This results in a form of keratin that is available to the skin and which use far more successful at stimulating the natural production of collagen in the skin.

Only the very best skin care products use Xtend TK because it is extremely expensive to buy. Most skin care companies try to minimise the cost of the products and spend most of their budget on marketing. That’s why you see so much of their advertising on TV.

However one small niche skin care company chooses not to advertise at all but rather to spend its budget on product quality and not on marketing, on the principle that a new customer will become a customer for life. Therefore they can afford far more expensive ingredients at much greater quantities in their products and still sell them at a price that is cost competitive with the big brands.

This company doesn’t make a moisturizer. The reason for this is that all their skin care products contain Xtend TK, together with a range of other effective natural moisturizers and therefore customers do not need to buy a dedicated moisturizer. All the products moisturize successfully.

Now you can see why you have never heard of Xtend TK. It’s not advertised but it is a major ingredient in the best natural skin care products money can buy. Throw out in care products you may have now petroleum-based ingredients and changed to natural skin care products that are more effective to use and safe for your health.

Written by - Natural Skin Health

What is keratin? What is bio active keratin?

If you are interested in researching a little about great skin care and skin health it won’t be long before you start to read about the role of keratin in maintaining your skin’s health. But what is keratin?

Keratin is found right throughout our bodies. It is a protein that is extremely strong and it can be found in the hard areas of our bodies like our nails and also in the softer areas of our bodies, like skin. A lot of keratin is found in our nails, teeth, hair and skin.

In our skin keratin is produced by keratinocytes, a type of skin cell in the epidermis, and this keratin has a role in keeping our skin in good health. As keratin cells come to the surface they die, and form a protective layer on the surface. And these dead cells are shed all the time as dead skin cells.

Keratin has some vital roles in maintaining the function of our skin. It produces some waterproofing qualities, for example. But the main function of keratin in our skin is to promote skin strength and elasticity.

Both these are important for optimal skin health, and as our skin ages it starts to lose some of it’s ability to maintain it’s strength and elasticity and this is due in part to a reduction in keratin.

So you would be accurate in assuming that if you use skin care products with keratin in them you are restoring your stores of skin keratin and thereby improving your skin strength and elasticity right? Wrong.

You see the keratin that is used in mainstream skin care products is extracted from the horns and hooves of animals and is extracted using acid and heat. This results in the keratin being “denaturalized” by a process called hydrolization. Denaturalized simply means that it’s no longer of use to your skin because it’s form has been changed.

Enter bio active keratin. This is keratin that is extracted from the wool of sheep without using heat or acid, and so it is not “denaturalized”. It is “functional” in the sense that it is still in a form that is available for the skin to use.

Making bio active keratin has been perfected only recently by one small company that has now patented the process, and this company has created a product called Xtend TK that contains this bio active keratin. Xtend TK is now an primary ingredient in the worlds best skin care products.

Studies on the results that use of Xtend TK can produce have been impressive with visible results within a short time, a reduction in wrinkles and fine lines and an improvement in the complexion.

Xtend TK is very expensive, though the products using Xtend TK are not highly priced for one particular reason.The big brand skin care products (which don’t use Xtend TK as it’s too expensive) spend up big on TV advertising, so have to load up the price of their products to pay for this.

But the company that makes the best skin care products with Xtend TK doesn’t advertise on TV, so doesn’t need to pay for that so can instead put it’s budget into superior ingredients, and produce superior quality but price competitive products.

So there’s some background on the role of keratin in the skin. And about what bio active keratin is if you were wondering.

Written by - Natural Skin Health

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