And why buy a natural anti aging moisturizer?

Gradually there is a trend amongst consumers of personal products towards more natural and organic products utilising safe and natural ingredients. And for this reason there is a huge market for natural anti aging moisturizers.

Because one of the most important aspects of quality skin care is adequate moisturizing.

As people become aware of the range of chemical and petrochemical and artificial ingredients in modern skin care products and anti aging products they are clamouring for safe alternatives that work effectively at moisturizing your skin.

Lets consider some of the ingredients that you shouldn’t find in your moisturizer, and let’s also consider some ingredients that are safe and natural and which work effectively and should be found in any natural anti aging moisturizer.Natural Anti Aging Moisturizer

Avoid any skin care products or for that matter any personal or beauty products or cosmetics that contain petrochemicals. Mineral oil is a fine example of a petrochemical product that you shouldn’t find in any product you are putting on your skin. Mineral oil is made from crude oil and is not good for your skin, though sadly it is found in many skin care and anti aging products and moisturizers in particular.

Parabens are another chemical ingredients that are linked to various health risks and which are commonly found in anti aging products such as moisturizers. Parabens are a cheap preservative. There are other safer natural preservatives available however they are more expensive and for this reason the major skin care companies do not use them.

This may come as a surprise however fragrances should also be avoided. We won’t go into full details now. But fragrances are just nice smelling chemicals and can cause allergic reactions and other health problems.

That’s only a few of the chemical and petrochemical ingredients found in modern anti aging products such as moisturizers. There’s lots more.

The sad thing is there are some wonderful natural moisturizers which have been used for centuries by women in many cultures for improving the health of their skin.

Olive oil, avocado oil, macadamia nut oil and many others all have moisturizing properties, however are rarely used in modern skin care products because they are more expensive.

However the best natural anti aging skin care products do use ingredients such as these along with several other natural ingredients that you may never have heard of but which are extremely effective at optimum skin care.

An example is Phytessence Wakame. This is a seaweed found around the coast of Japan which has been eaten by the Japanese for centuries. It has been long known that Japanese women have wonderful skin and science is now beginning to realize that this is because of the natural properties of Phytessence Wakame to moisturize and protect the skin.

One small innovative natural skin care company is now producing extremely high quality natural products using ingredients such as these, including Phytessence Wakame, in it’s products.

And these products work exceptionally well. In fact this small company is so proud of the skin care products that it makes that it offers its customers an unconditional 90 day money back guarantee on its products. Try getting that from one of the big brands.

In fact this company does not make a moisturizer at all. This is because it believes that all skin care products should moisturize effectively, and therefore puts the ingredients mentioned above, and many others, in a wide range of it’s products, avoiding the necessity for a dedicated moisturizer.

The obvious question to ask however is what these products cost. If these natural ingredients are more expensive than the chemical alternatives used by the big name skin care companies then surely the products must be more expensive as well?

Not necessarily, in fact the products are highly competitive in price. That’s because a major part of the cost of products is marketing them. Television advertising and magazine advertising is seriously expensive, and all of those costs must be recovered in the price of the product. That’s why the ingredients are kept as cheap as possible.

However this small niche natural anti aging company chooses to put its budget into product quality rather than marketing, and for this reason you’ll never see a television advertisement for its products and you will also find its products to be highly effective and very cost competitive. That’s why they offer a money back guarantee.

So if you’re becoming concerned about the risks to your health and your skin of the petrochemical and chemical ingredients found in so many modern skin care, anti aging, personal and beauty products that you may use now, and if you’ve been looking for a natural anti aging moisturizer, or for that matter an entire range of natural skin care products that are safe and effective, then click here to read more about the very best of these products.

Gradually we hope that the skin care industry, along with the cosmetics industry and personal products and beauty products industries get the message from their consumers and get their house in order to produce products that are not only effective but safe for all of us to use. Congress is currently considering a bill to allow the government to regulate the ingredients that go in these products, and that would be good news indeed if it was passed.

But remember, if you’re looking for a natural anti aging moisturizer, there are available right now.

Written by - Natural Skin Health

What are natural moisturizers and why is there such a strong movement towards natural skin products such as natural skin moisturizers?

Demand for natural moisturizers is growing fast, just as demand for all natural skin care products is growing faster than just about any other part of the skin care and anti aging industry. Lets examine why natural moisturizers are becoming so popular and what the best way is to moisturize successfully.

The first reason there are now so many people searching for an all natural moisturizer is that there is a gradual but growing awareness that many anti aging and skin care products contain ingredients which may be damaging to your health. There are many chemical and petrochemical ingredients found in so many of the skin care products that you will see on the shelves of your store every single day, and which you may well be using right now.

Facial moisturizers and body moisturizers are no exception. There are ingredients in these products that ought not be used in products which are applied to the skin. An example is mineral oil.

Mineral oil is a petrochemical product which is derived from distilling crude oil. Mineral oil is a clear liquid. Baby oil is 100 percent mineral oil.

Mineral oil has a range of health implications when used in any product which comes into contact with the skin. If you search the cosmetic safety database you’ll see that mineral oil is linked to allergies and immunotoxicity, cancer, bioaccumulation, organ system toxicity and irritation of the skin, eyes and lungs.

Mineral oil, as you will see from your search, is reported as being used in 563 moisturizers and 219 facial moisturizers. Often though, even though it is an ingredient in a product it will not be listed on the label as mineral oil. This is because it goes by a range of different names. For example it can be called liquid petroleum.
Natural Moisturizers

Mineral oil is commonly used in a wide range of skin care products, (and many other products including cosmetics, personal and other beauty products) for several reasons. The primary reason mineral oil is so commonly found in skin care and anti aging products is that it is incredibly cheap, in fact it is so cheap that it is cheaper to buy mineral oil than it is to dispose of it.

Mineral oil is added to moisturizers not because it has any active moisturizing properties but because it is intended to stop moisture loss. The expectation is that mineral oil will form a thin film of oil over the skin preventing moisture evaporating from the skin. This may be the case however the price that you pay is that mineral oil will coat your skin, clog the pores and may even lead to acne. It will also reduce the ability of the skin to eliminate toxins successfully.

People are more and more conscious of the range of chemical and petrochemical ingredients used in their skin care skin care and anti aging products. For this reason there is now a fast-growing market for natural facial moisturizers and natural body moisturizers.

There are many naturally occurring, mainly plant-based substances which have excellent skin moisturizing properties. Just because they are naturally occurring does not mean, however, that they are safe to use on your skin or in your body. There are many highly toxic naturally occurring substances. Snake venom is naturally occurring.

However there are also many natural moisturizers which are known to be safe and which are also known to have outstanding skin moisturizing properties. One well known one is olive oil. Olive oil has moisturizing properties and is eaten by millions of people, safely.

There are many other naturally occurring substances which have outstanding moisturizing properties and which are known to be safe to use on your skin.

There are 2 types of natural skin moisturizer. First there is the raw ingredient. Olive oil for instance. And some people will choose to use these types of natural ingredients in the natural form.

Whilst this may be one way to moisturize successfully it is rarely the best way to do so and can be messy. Just imagine smearing olive oil on your face every day.

The 2nd type of natural skin moisturizer is a product produced by skin care company that contains a range of these natural moisturizers that are known to be safe to apply to the skin and which are also excellent natural moisturizers themselves.

The obvious question is why don’t the big name skin care companies use these natural ingredients in their own products instead of such chemical ingredients as mineral oil? The answer is simple. Natural moisturizers, in almost every case, are way more expensive than ingredients such as mineral oil.

Here’s some examples of natural ingredients known to be excellent natural moisturizers.

1. Macadamia oil from the nut of the Macadamia tree. It’s oil is very like the oil (called sebum) produced by your skin and it penetrates the skin and hydrates it very fast.

2. Shea butter from the nut of the Shea tree found in Africa.

3. Vitamin B5, (called D-Panthenol). Helps repair skin tissue, acts as a natural sunscreen and is an excellent natural moisturizer.

There are many many more however we are sure you get the idea.
Natural Skin Moisturizers

However moisturizing naturally is not just about using products with natural ingredients that help moisturize the skin. It is also about promoting better skin health because healthier skin produces it’s own moisture/oil more successfully as well.

There are also many natural ingredients known to help improve the health of the skin, often by promoting a better production of collagen and elastin in the skin, both of which help improve skin health and skin elasticity.

As we said it is perfectly possible in many cases, (though not all), to source these ingredients yourself however using them individually or trying to combine them into a home made natural moisturizer may not be quite as successful.

There are anti aging companies committed to making high quality skin care products using all natural ingredients known to be safe to use. One of these companies in particular, called Xtend Life, has a total commitment to using only the safest natural ingredients to produce a range of safe and highly effective skin care products.

Xtend Life do not make a moisturizer. The reason is that all their products contain a wide range of natural ingredients, all of which moisturize successfully and which promote optimum skin health. It is not necessary to buy a dedicated moisturizer from Xtend Life, and you cannot, because their mainstream natural skin care products will perform the job of moisturizing admirably.

As we said previously these ingredients are all much more expensive than chemical ingredients such as mineral oil so the obvious conclusion must be that the products of Xtend Life are very expensive. However they are not for one simple reason. The company chooses not to advertise on television, and the cost of marketing is one of the highest costs which are factored into the price of mainstream skin care products. That is why there are so many cheap chemical ingredients in these products, because if they were to use more expensive natural ingredients, and factor in the cost of television advertising, the price of the products would be beyond the reach of the consumer.

Xtend Life on the other hand, choose not to advertise but to direct a far greater proportion of their budget into product quality resulting in a higher quality product that most people have never heard of. Their corporate philosophy is that if they make the highest quality products possible they will, over time, become more and more well known and their sales will increase with repeat business. And in fact this is what is happening.

Xtend Life are so comfortable with the quality of their products that they even offer their customers a 100 percent money back guarantee.

So as you can see there are powerful reasons for skin care consumers to use natural moisturizers. They are safer and more effective than the chemical alternatives used in so many skin care products that so many of us know by name.

Consumers can choose to source excellent natural moisturizers such as olive oil and Shea butter and use them in their raw state, or they can choose to trust a product made by a company with a demonstrated commitment to product quality and product safety, and if they do this they will be well satisfied with the results.

Written by - Natural Skin Health

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