Yes some of your personal products can be dangerous.

For a long time we’ve been talking about the dangers of modern skin care products and cosmetics, and in particular the risks involved in using a whole range of personal products, which includes big name skin care products and cosmetics. Though there are excellent SAFE and high quality skin care products available).

That’s because so many of these products contain ingredients which may be harmful to you. We’ve talked about the Cosmetic Safety Database and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, both of which seek to publicise the fact that, due to lax government regulation of this industry, many products contain ingredients which are known to be harmful to your health.

But it’s not just the Cosmetic Safety Database and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, (and our website) that are publicising the problems with so many modern brands of personal products. There are other high profile people and websites which are also seeking to publicise these facts as well.

Chances are you know of David Suzuki. He is an extremely high profile campaigner on a range of green issues and health issues. He has made some outstanding television programs about this type of issue, and travels the world and speaks regularly.dangerous cosmetics

David Suzuki has his own website at, where, amongst other things, he also points out the risks inherent in so many modern personal products.

In fact he has a “Sustainable Shoppers Guide to a Dirty Dozen Ingredients to Avoid in Your Cosmetics”. In that guide he lists 12 things to avoid when shopping for cosmetics, or for that matter a whole range of other personal products. Included in that list are some that we have spoken about right here on our website.

For example he includes fragrances in the list. In the past we have written about the health risks of “fragrance” in so many personal products. This problem is that generally speaking any “fragrance” is usually listed on the label, if listed at all, as fragrance or parfum, no more.

This even applies to products which may well be labelled as “unscented”.

Unfortunately fragrances are usually a mixture of various types of chemicals, many of which can be a factor in various health problems such as allergies and asthma. As we have said before some of these chemicals have also been linked to cancer and neurotoxicity.

We have also spoken before about the problems of parabens, which are in fact a class of chemicals which are used as a preservative. Whilst there are safer and more natural ingredients available which are effective as preservatives, parabens are particularly cheap, and can interfere with various hormonal functions in your body and which have also been associated with breast cancer.

Sad to say but so many women, and men, are completely unaware that so many personal products that they use every day, often multiple times per day, may well be harmful as a result of lax regulation and poor standards which allow the companies that manufacture these products to use pretty much any chemical they want.

And this includes a wide range of personal products such as, soaps, shampoos, deodorants, cosmetics, skin care products and more. Many lipsticks even have lead in them, and you’re probably well aware of the health risks of lead.

We encourage you to read David Suzuki’s Sustainable Shoppers Guide, which you can find here. It’s well worth a read and when used in conjunction with other resources such as this website, the Campaign Safe Cosmetics and the Cosmetic Safety Database, may well help you choose safe and effective skin care products and safe and effective cosmetics.

It’s very important when choosing personal products to be an educated consumer. The manufacturers of the products will not tell you of the health risks of the ingredients they use, and will often not even label those ingredients.

It’s up to you to educate yourself to make sure that you, as a consumer, are sufficiently educated to choose your products wisely.

Written by - Natural Skin Health

The skin on your body ages like the skin on your face. A quality natural body lotion can address this.

Commonly on our website we talk about skin care for the face, because that is the area of the body that concerns most women. It’s obviously the most visible. However for those seriously concerned about their skin there are also some excellent options for natural body lotions.

Of course all the same concerns apply to body lotions as apply to facial skin care products. Many of the mainstream body lotions contain many of the same chemical and petrochemical ingredients that are found in our mainstream facial skin care lotions.

Mineral oil is commonly found in many body creams. Mineral oil is a petrochemical, meaning that it comes from crude oil. Many people consider that mineral oil should never be applied to the skin. If you read a Material Safety Data Sheet on mineral oil it will warn about the risks of skin irritation.

It might surprise you to learn that some body lotions contain mineral oil. The reason is quite simple, because mineral oil is exceedingly cheap. Many well-known body creams contain very little in the way of effective skin care ingredients, and contain mineral oil. You might be surprised at how ineffective many body creams are, and that some may even irritate your skin.

Unfortunately the vast bulk of body care products are made down to a price rather than up to a standard.

That does not applied all cases however. One natural body lotion defies this trend by using only natural and safe ingredients and by ensuring that it has adequate levels of active ingredients so that it works to moisturise your skin very effectively. And no mineral oil.natural body lotion

One of the major causes of wrinkles on your face is the loss of skin collagen and elastin as you age. Collagen and elastin are both essential skin proteins which play a huge part in maintaining the elasticity of your skin. For that reason improving the levels of skin collagen and elastin is one of the most important goals of any high quality facial skin care product, and this dramatically helps reduce wrinkles.

However all the same applies to the skin of your body. Perhaps you’re finding skin discoloration on areas of your body. Maybe you’re getting dry skin, or the skin on your knees your elbows is getting rough and dry. All will respond to a high quality natural body lotion that contains high levels of active ingredients, all of which offer no risks to your skin or your health.

Needless to say this natural body lotion is more expensive than the one you may be using now. And the company that manufactures this excellent product recognizes that selling a product like this at a price that is higher than other products on the market isn’t easy.

And for this reason they offer a full 90 day money back guarantee. This gives you the opportunity to try the product, experience the results for yourself and understand how much better this body body cream is than other products, completely risk free safe in the knowledge that you have a money back guarantee.

So remember, when we talk about the risks of chemical and petrochemical ingredients in your facial skin care products all the same applies to big brand body lotions.

However there is an excellent alternative, a high quality natural body lotion which contains no nasty ingredients and which will perform exceedingly well, or you get your money back.

Written by - Natural Skin Health

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