Hydroderm is a well known name in skin care. A Hydroderm vs other skin care products battle.

Hydroderm. Ever heard of it? If you’re interested in skin care and spend a little time online you probably have. Hydroderm offer a range of skin care products, including an anti wrinkle cream.

So we decided to do a head to head, Hydroderm vs other skin care products, including the best skin care products.

Hydroderm fell at the first hurdle we have to report.

We’ve talked a lot about suspect and dangerous ingredients in skin care products. One of those ingredients is a chemical called paraben. There is a range of parabens, and they are used in many mainstream skin care and anti-aging products as a preservative.

We believe very strongly that many of the chemicals used in big brand name skin care products should not be allowed to be in there. That companies should commit to using ingredients in their skin care products that contain only ingredients known to be safe, and nothing else.

Hydroderm use parabens in their products. According to the cosmetic database (cosmeticdatabase.com) there are some paraben chemicals that rate a 7 or an 8 on a scale of 10. The scale is for degree of hazard, and 7 or 8  8 is “high hazard”. Others rate lower, but still worrying.

Hydroderm have not signed the Campaign For Safe Cosmetics compact to use only known safe ingredients in their skin care products.

That ALONE would be enough to warn us off, and should warn anyone else off using Hydroderm skin care products.

However any time spent online will send you running. There are so many complaints about Hydroderm that it’s quite stunning.

They offer a 30 day trial, free. Complaints include many about Hydroderm charging customers credit cards at the end of the trial without warning and without recourse to a refund. Promises of refunds which never arrive, inability to contact anyone at Hydroderm once a problem arises and much much more. Many customers label Hydroderm a scam.

And of course just about all customers report that the product doesn’t work.

So if you’re thinking of trying the 30 day free trial at Hydroderm we would recommend against it, both because their products contain paraben, which may itself cause skin problems, and because of the mass of negative customer feedback.

Hydroderm vs other skin care products? Hydroderm fails on all counts. Which skin care range wins? Xtend Life.

Written by - Natural Skin Health

If you see “Paraben” in your skin care lotions don’t use them.

I’ve talked about the dangerous chemical in skin care products on my page about natural skin care.

Lets have a more in depth look at one of the chemicals you don’t want to find listed in the list of ingredients on the side of the bottle of your skin care cream, or skin care lotion.

Here’s where Wikipedia says you’re likely to find Paraben. “They can be found in shampoos, commercial moisturizers, shaving gels, cleansing gels, personal lubricants, topical/parenteral pharmaceuticals, spray tanning solution and toothpaste”.

Now let me be clear here, Parabens have not been proven to be unsafe. However that’s part of the problem. There is doubt either way, and personally I’d prefer to know that a product has been shown clearly to be safe before I used it, whereas because the cosmetics and skin care and anti aging companies don’t need to convince any government body of the safety of their products they can go ahead and use anything regardless, even if it’s suspect.

This is actually a recognised principle, called the Precautionary Principle. Basically it say, paraphrasing, that where something could be harmful to people the burden of proof should lie on those promoting it’s use to show that it’s safe, not the other way round.

And Parabens have not been shown to be safe, and some studies have suggested a link to cancer. Here’s an aticle talking about Parabens in deodorants. It recognises that although they aren’t shown to cause cancer conclusively, there is some doubt about it.
So personally you wouldn’t catch me using anything with Paraben in it. And there’s lots of other stuff in our skincare and personal products as well as Paraben.

It’s up to you to decide if it’s worth the risk using it. If there is any risk of cancer I for one won’t take it. And if you need paraben free skin care products they are available.

Written by - Natural Skin Health

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