You read a lot about organic skin care. But do you know what it is?

What is organic skin care? How do you find the best organic skin care? How do you find the safest organic skin care brand? What is the safest organic moisturizer?

These are some of the many words that people type into their favorite search engine to find our website. There is a wide ranging and growing interest in natural and organic skin care products.

But whilst many people are interested in finding out about organic skin care products most don’t know what they are exactly. And there’s no easy way to tell you what they are, because there is no formal definition of the term.

What does “organic” mean? Search the dictionary and you’ll find something like this:

characteristic of, pertaining to, or derived from living organisms

In other words, they came from something living.

Ok, that helps a little, but still doesn’t tell us what organic skin care products really are.

For example, are organic skin care products made only from ingredients that come from certified organic sources? Perhaps. But then what about ingredients that come from sources in different countries? What are their “organic certification” standards?

What about ingredients that don’t come from farms? A certain Japanese seaweed that is used only in the best skin care products comes from the sea? That isn’t certified organic is it?

But then the sea has to be clean doesn’t it? No, there’s all sorts of toxins and contaminants in the sea, depending on where you source the product.

Are you beginning to see the problem? There’s no definition of “organic skin care”, no way to tell what it is, and no way to know if what is marketed as, for example, an organic moisturizer, really is.

Confusing isn’t it? The same applies to “natural” skin care products.

Lets think more laterally. Someone searching for organic skin care companies is trying to find something.

She is trying to find a skin care line that is safe to use, and works well. Because more and more consumers are learning that most big brand skin care products (and cosmetics and much more) are filled with chemical ingredients that may be dangerous to the health, and skin.

And even some products labeled “organic” “natural” skin care can too. Read this to find out more.

Believe it or not it’s true. That’s why there is a huge movement worldwide to more “natural” or more “organic” skin care and cosmetics. But as we now know this is no guarantee of safety.

So if we know that women looking for these types of products are looking to find safe and effective products we can then use this information to our advantage.

Instead of finding “organic” skin care products how do we find products that are safe to use and effective? (And don’t cost the earth?)

The first place to start is with the cosmetic safety database.  Here you can search any of the ingredients in any products to see if they have any risk factor to health.

And the Campaign For Safe Cosmetics has a compact that any company can sign evidencing it’s commitment to using only known safe ingredients in it’s products. The big brand skin care and cosmetics companies are notable by the fact that they have not signed.

So secondly, you can find out if the company that makes the products you’re considering has signed the compact for safe cosmetics. If it hasn’t don’t buy.

So that’s a good way to find out if the products that you are considering buying should be safe to use. Search any or all of the ingredients in the products, and search to see if the company has signed the compact.

But how do you know if the products work well? That’s another matter entirely. Perfectly safe products may not work well.

The best way we know is to try try the products yourself. See if they work for you. But of course if they don’t you’ve wasted quite a bit of money haven’t you?

No, not if you try the products of Xtend Life, because they offer you a full 90 day money back guarantee, just so you can try their products risk free.

It’s no coincidence that we consider the natural skin care line from Xtend Life to be the worlds best skin care products. It’s extremely rare to find a manufacturer that offers a refund policy. Xtend Life do it because they know their products are extremely good, so they can offer a refund and not go broke giving customers their money back.

They have signed the compact, and they use known safe ingredients in their products, in fact their brief to their scientists who formulated their products was only to use ingredients “safe enough to eat”. Read the rest of this entry

Written by - Natural Skin Health