What is skin elasticity and why would you need to increase it?

As you age your skin starts to lose elasticity, and sadly, skin elasticity is one of the most important factors in good skin care. For this reason so many people search for answers like pills to put elasticity back in skin, like collagen pills.

Or even vitamins for skin elasticity.

So lets examine what elasticity is and why increasing skin elasticity is good for your skin care as you age.

You may have heard of collagen and elastin. Both of these are essential skin proteins that make up a large part of your skin. And both elastin and collagen are important factors in keeping your skin healthy and supple. Healthy supple skin makes for good looking wrinkle free skin.

But as you age your skin starts to lose it’s stores of elastin and collagen. And as these contribute hugely to keeping wrinkles and lines at bay the loss of collagen and elastin is a major cause of your skin starting to develop the wrinkles and lines that bedevil us as we age.

(And there’s other factors too, like sun damage and smoking, both of which are terrible for your skin.)

As your skin loses elasticity it starts to say, it doesn’t pull into place like it did when you were younger.

So for some time science has been trying to come up with ways to increase skin collagen and increase elastin stores in the skin.

You’ve probably seen many anti aging skin care products containing collagen and elastin on the shelves. It’s quite common now to see this. Unfortunately though, this doesn’t replenish the stores of collagen and elastin in your skin. Why? Because the molecules of collagen and elastin are too large to enter the skin. This has been known for some time.

So why would these skin care companies put them in the bottles? Because they know that the people who buy skin care products want to see them in the bottles, because then they buy them believing that they are increasing skin elasticity through increasing these proteins.

And there is also no evidence that taking vitamins for skin elasticity or other pills to put elasticity back in skin do anything at all.

But fortunately we have some extremely smart scientists and some of them have found a way to do so. Rather than taking collagen pills or products containing elastin and collagen they have actually found a way for increasing skin elasticity by regrowing more of it’s own collagen and elastin.

It’s done by use of a breakthrough new product called Xtend TK, and the trial results have been impressive indeed. Results are visible in a relatively short time, including reduction in visible wrinkles.

Sadly, Xtend TK is very expensive, and so isn’t found in most skin care products. Most of the big brands spend the majority of their budget on advertising, and not so much on product quality.

But there is one company that has reversed this and spends way more on product quality and none on advertising, so you probably won’t have heard of them. But their products are superb, and as they don’t advertise they keep their costs down so the product price is very competitive.

The worlds best natural skin care products do contain Xtend TK and work extremely well.

So increasing skin elasticity is quite possible, and is being done by many women right now, though not through collagen supplements or creams containing collagen and elastin, but by using a breakthough product that actually stimulates the skin to grow more of it’s own.

Written by - Natural Skin Health

Because increasing your skin elasticity reduces wrinkles.

Have you ever done this? Taken a pinch of skin and pulled and let go, and watched your skin return to it’s normal condition? Flat?

If you do that with a 15 year old and a 75 year old you’ll notice a big difference. The skin of the 75 year old person returns to it’s flat state much slower. That’s because you lose skin elasticity as you age, and it’s skin elasticity that produces the reaction of returning your skin to flat.

What creates skin elasticity? Primarily it’s collagen and elastin. You’ve probably heard of collagen and elastin, 2 skin proteins that help hold your skin together and create elasticity in the skin.

Elastin, for example, is found right throughout our bodies and is a strong rubbery type substance. Elastin is found in many of the parts of our bodies that help hold us together, like ligaments.

Both collagen and elastin form fibres which help our skin hold together and contribute to that elastic feel.

But sadly as we age our stores of both collagen and elastin in our skin slowly decline. This is a result of a number of processes like glycation, which helps break down collagen. It’s not necessary to know why this decline happens, what matters is that it does happen, and what to do to increase the stores of collagen and elastin in our skin as we age.

And of course if our skin loses it’s elasticity it starts to sag and wrinkle, as may be happening to you as you age. (Unless you’re using high quality skin care products)

The traditional approach to increasing collagen and elastin in our skin taken by the big brand skin care companies is to add collagen and elastin to the bottles of skin care products that you see on the shelves of your local store.

But this doesn’t work to increase the levels of these proteins in the skin. The reason is that molecules of collagen and elastin are too large to penetrate the skin, so they just remain on the surface. This fact has been known for some time.

So why are collagen and elastin in the bottles? To sell more bottles.

So if adding them to the bottle doesn’t actually do anything how do you get more collagen and elastin into your skin as you age?

Yes you can, and it’s done using a revolutionary product manufactured in New Zealand called Xtend TK. What Xtend TK does is to actually stimulate the skin to produce more of it’s own stores of collagen and elastin.

The product is sourced from the wool of sheep and has been clearly shown in studies to increase the skin’s own stores of these 2 skin proteins. Visible improvements in skin elasticity from using skin care products with Xtend TK in has been seen in as little as a few weeks. This results in a reduction in skin wrinkles.

Xtend TK isn’t a skin care product and the consumer can’t buy it. It is used as an ingredient in the worlds best skin care products.

So why aren’t those big brand skin care companies using it in their products? Because it’s very expensive, it’s way cheaper to just put a small bit of collagen and elastin in the bottle and put it on the label so consumers buy it, but it doesn’t really do much for your wrinkles. Nothing actually.

So are the natural skin care products that use Xtend TK really expensive? No. Because the company that makes them puts it’s budget into product quality not advertising. So you won’t know them because you’ll never see them on TV. They let their products do the talking.

Oh, and they offer a money back guarantee.So yes there is a way to increase skin elasticity as you age, and improving skin elasticity is the key to combating skin wrinkles, lines and sagging in your later years.

You need to use the best skin care products containing Xtend TK

Written by - Natural Skin Health

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