And you’re general and overall health is vitally important to your skin too.

You’ll see that, although we talk a lot about skin care and skin health, our website title is natural health. There’s a reason for that.

You see everything in your body is related. You can’t have soft, glowing, radiant looking youthful skin if you’re general health is terrible, your hair is limp and lifeless and your nails are dull and weak.

Because your hair, skin and nails, or at least the health and look of your hair, skin and nails, are all related to your general health.

Get healthier generally and your skin will look much better, your hair will look better as well as your nails. Because your skin, hair and nails are just organs of your body that happen to be visible, and they reflect what’s happening inside.

If your body is lacking in nutrients like vitamins, minerals, essential fats and amino acids, and more, then your skin, in fact all visible parts of your body, will show less than optimal health too, because it’s not just your inside organs that are lacking, it’s your whole body.

That’s why we stress the importance of overall good health and nutrition as well as the use of high quality skin care products.

And as well as producing fine quality skin care products, Xtend Life produce a range of health and nutritional supplements which, if taken regularly, will promote overall health as well as skin health.

Their flagship nutritional product is called Total Balance, and it’s not a skin care product, it’s a nutritional product. However despite this many people who use Total Balance report dramatic improvements to their skin health, and the look of their skin.

And also improvements to the health and look of their hair, and nails.

Less skin blemishes and less lines and wrinkles, and a more youthful looking skin. And that’s just from taking Total Balance.

Imagine how much better they could make their skin look taking Total Balance as well as using the Xtend Life skin care products, as many do.
So if you’re interested in the best skin care you need to recognise that you need to concentrate on overall body health as well as skin health, because it’s all related.

Written by - Natural Skin Health

Skin care is a serious matter, as is your health.

I’m sure you’re serious about your health. Your health, ultimately, is all you have. Take away your health and what have you got?

For this reason serious skin care should also be about good health. After all, what good is a wonderful looking skin if we don’t have our health?

And quite frankly, it’s not likely that you’ll have wonderful clear glowing healthy skin if you’re general health is poor. That’s because everything is related, and if you have poor health then this will probably show in your skin which will be less than perfect looking. Serious skin care needs total health care.

So for those looking for wonderful looking skin, in other words those serious about their skincare, there’s 2 great pieces of advice we can offer.

1. Get serious about your health.

2. Get serious about which skin care products to avoid.

Getting serious about your health.

Recognize that the healthier you get the more this will show in your skin. Better health, better skin. How do you do this?

Easy. Well simple, maybe not easy.

1. Exercise regularly.

2. Have a high quality diet high in fruit and vegetables with plenty of good antioxidants.

3. Use high quality natural supplements to make up for the vitamin and mineral deficiencies that afflict all of us.

Maybe not so easy to do, but if you do these 3 simple things your life, and your skin, and your health, will all thank you for it.

And how do you get serious about what skin care products to avoid and what skin care products to use? Easy again. Avoid mainstream skin care and cosmetic products by the household name companies.

You’ll find the reasons for this elsewhere on this site, but basically the ingredients in mainstream anti aging products are suspect to our health. (And they don’t work.)

Use natural skin care products that work. Ones with antioxidants, skin care products that have been shown not to be dangerous to your health. Skin care products that really do what they say they do.

Products that you can try risk free, because they come with a money back guarantee in case you don’t like them. Mainstream companies don’t offer money back guarantees like that.

Do those simple things and your skin will be healthy, you will be healthy, and it will shine through in so many areas of your life other than your skin health. If you do these then you’re truly practicing serious skin care.

Written by - Natural Skin Health

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