A good skin anti wrinkle cream is only part of the equation

If you read our website you’ll know that we promote the advantages of natural skin care products that don’t contain harmful chemical ingredients that may damage your skin and your health. However even the best natural skin anti wrinkle cream won’t produce the best results unless you use it in conjunction with other things. Because there’s a number of steps involved in optimum wrinkle protection.

Of course the best skin anti wrinkle cream is a very good start. A natural anti wrinkle cream that doesn’t contain chemical or petrochemical ingredients and which does contain natural ingredients such as the oils from fruits and nuts goes a long way towards keeping wrinkles away and keeping your skin healthy.

However there are several other steps we suggest you undertake in conjunction with using a high quality skin care anti wrinkle cream. These are as follows:

1. Supplement your diet with Omega 3 essential fatty acids.Skin Anti Wrinkle Cream

Omega 3 essential fatty acids found primarily in fish oil have been much in the news lately and for good reason. There is now a large and growing body of evidence tha increasing our intake of in particular DHA and EPA, the 2 most important of the Omega 3 essential fatty acids, will have significant benefits to our health.

This is because over the last century our intake of fish and other seafoods has dropped considerably, and as a result our intake of Omega3 fats found in fish has also dropped. Studies show that the average American is now seriously deficient in the Omega 3 essential fats.

Along with a wide range of other health benefits the omega 3 fatty acids called DHA and EPA are extremely important for skin health, and good skin health contributes significantly to wrinkle reduction.

Low levels of Omega3 fats contributes to dry skin. Dry skin is unhealthy skin whilst well moisturized skin is healthy, supple and less likely to exhibit wrinkles. Omega 3 fats found in quality Omega 3 supplements also raise the level of natural skin oils thereby helping skin moisture.

Studies have also shown that Omega 3 fats can help protect the skin from UV damage and UV damage, or what is otherwise known as photoaging, can be a significant contributing factor to wrinkles. whilst increasing your intake of Omega3 fats should not be relied on in the place of sunscreens it certainly helps.

2. Supplement your diet with high quality nutritional supplements.

Just as our body needs an adequate supply of Omega 3 essential fatty acids it also needs an adequate supply of a wide range of vitamins, minerals, anti oxidants and other nutrients. A deficiency in any of these exhibits itself in our skin as much as it does in our body.

Skin health is a complex thing. Combating wrinkles, at the end of the day, is about keeping your skin as healthy as possible. A high quality skin anti wrinkle cream will give your skin some of the specific ingredients needed to help replace lost collagen and elastin, a major cause of wrinkles. However supplementation to ensure an adequate supply of high-quality nutrients together with essential fatty acids will work in conjunction with the ingredients found in a high quality anti wrinkle cream to maximize the results that you should expect to get from an effective wrinkle creme.

It is perfectly possible to get an excellent and very effective skin care anti wrinkle cream that is natural, does not contain chemical or petrochemical ingredients and does not put your health at risk. Using this cream will be effective at helping reduce wrinkles, however combining this with high quality Omega 3 fish oil supplements together with excellent nutritional supplements will take this a step further.

And at the end of the day the health benefits of Omega 3 supplements and nutritional supplements are as important if not more important than avoiding wrinkles.

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