We’ve talked about natural skin care, what does it mean?

Skin care products contain many ingredients, and it’s these ingredients that go into making up the product. A skin care products is the sum total of it’s ingredients. And natural skin care products are too.

Of course there are thousands of ingredients that go into making up skin care products, and many companies that make skin care and anti aging products, as well as lots of other personal products like hair care products, body care products, and all those other beauty, hair, body and skin products that we all use day to day.

And most don’t disclose what goes into their products, except as far as they have to put it on the label. And even then they disclose as little as they can get away with.

Unfortunately, however, many of these ingredients are not what we would call natural. They are chemicals, sometimes made in a lab, and sometimes a chemical produced as a by product of the manufacturing process.

Where the company manufacturing the anti aging and skin care products uses a chemical it does so for a reason. Perhaps it produces a hair color, or maybe it assists in hair removal, or maybe it does this, or that. Perhaps it’s just cheaper than using a natural alternative.

Bottom line for us though, is that many of these chemicals used in our skin care products are not good for out health. Here’s an example. Recent tests showed lead in more than 50% of the big brand name lipsticks.

The lead will be there for a reason, it will do something, and the companies that manufacture the lipstick don’t have a culture of paying attention to making safe skin care products or cosmetics. They just want to make products that sell, and if they are allowed to put lead in their products they will.

There’s many other examples, including chemicals called Phthalates that have been found in many skin care, beauty and common household personal care products like shampoos and hair products. Phthalates have been shown to have reproductive implications for human beings as well as other effects. But they are still in many of our personal products and aren’t listed on the label.

But as a consumer you have a choice, and you can choose to buy natural skin care products instead. Natural and organic skin care products are made from ingredients that are both naturally occurring and also are known to be safe for human use.

Here’s some examples of natural skin care ingredients used by Xtend Life, the best, manufacturer of natural skincare products in our view.

Shea butter. Extracted from the nut of the Shea tree from Africa, an excellent natural skin moisturizer.

Jojoba oil extracted from the seeds of the Jojoba plant, very high in good anti oxidants.

Grape seed oil extracted from the seeds of various grape varieties, high in important fatty acids and also full of anti oxidants, and also very effective as a skin moisturizer.

Phytessence Wakame, a Japanese seaweed. Very rich in essential vitamins and minerals, high in anti oxidants and with an enzyme that helps improve skin health.

Xtend TK extracted from the wool of sheep. Containing keratin, an important part of the makeup of skin, and important in the regrowth of collagen and elastin, both essential for skin health.

And many more. These are the type of organic, or natural, ingredients in the makeup of natural skin care products.

And it’s not just the ingredients of the skincare products that go into making up an effective and safe skin care regime. It’s also the philosophy of the company that makes the products that is important too.

Xtend Life have a commitment to making products that are safe enough to eat. That was their brief to their scientists making up the products, that as well as being the most effective on the market the skin products must also be safe enough to eat.

Try getting a commitment like that from Revlon, or Proctor and Gamble, or Christian Dior, or the company that sells the skin care products you are probably using now.

So there are a number of things that go into making up natural skin care products. It’s the ingredients found in the products, and where they are sourced, and it’s the philosophy of the company that makes the products.

There is no formal definition of natural skin care products. So when you’re looking for safe, and effective skin care products you need to dig a little into what goes into the products, and the philosophy of the company that makes them.

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