Why is looking for wrinkle reducing creams tackling the effect rather than the cause?

Wrinkle reducers. Aren’t there so many of them on the market? It can be really difficult trying to work out which is the best wrinkle reducer or whether in fact any of the wrinkle reducing creams on the market actually do much to reverse wrinkles.

Reducing wrinkles is only part of a good skin care routine. If skin is healthy then you should notice an improvement in a range of aspects of how your skin looks. Because as you age the formation of wrinkles is only a part of the skin aging process.

First let’s examine what causes wrinkles, how that is apart of the overall skin ageing process, and how an improvement in your overall skin health can be the best wrinkle reducing strategy.

As you age your skin ages with you. Your skin is an organ on your body and it, like other organs in your body, starts to undergo physical changes with age. One of these is the formation of wrinkles however there are many more.

And it is not just wrinkles that form as you age. Your skin starts to develop lines around the eyes and mouth and to exhibit, for some women, signs of sagging, often under the chin.

That is why there is so many women looking to find the best wrinkle reducer cream. However that is only seeking to treat one of the symptoms, not the cause.
Best Wrinkle Reducer

The cause of all the signs of skin aging like wrinkles, lines and sagging is the loss of collagen and elastin in your skin as you get older. Collagen and elastin are 2 essential skin proteins that are primarily responsible for maintaining skin elasticity. When you were younger your skin produced its own collagen and elastin and as you age your skin is less able to produce these 2 proteins.

Skin elasticity is what helps hold your skin in place. If you pull a piece of skin it should spring back into place, however as you age the ability of your skin to spring back into place is slowly reduced. This is because your skin loses it’s elastic properties as it loses supplies of collagen and elastin.

That is why, if you look on the label of so many wrinkle reducing creams, you will see collagen and elastin listed there. It is well known that if you restoring the supply of collagen and elastin in ageing skin will help improve skin elasticity and therefore help tackle reducing wrinkles.

However it has also been known by science for quite some time that collagen and elastin molecules are too large to penetrate the surface of the skin and therefore, no matter how much you apply to the surface of your skin they do not penetrate the skin and so do not help restore the reducing supplies of collagen and elastin already there.

It would seem obvious then that there is no reason to add collagen and elastin to those bottles of wrinkle reducing creams if they don’t actually do anything. However they do do something when added to the bottles.

They allow the company that makes the wrinkle reducer to list collagen and elastin on the label and this has a powerful effect. Because women know that collagen and elastin are important to skin health fact that they are listed on the label helps sell thousands or millions of bottles of wrinkle reducing cream and this is very beneficial to the company that makes them.

Sadly it is not of much use to the women who buy the creams.

And on top of that many of those creams advertised to reduce wrinkles that you see in the stores contain a range of chemical and petrochemical ingredients that are not good for your health or for your skin. For this reason there are entire organizations that campaign against the presence of chemicals in such products as cosmetics, bath and beauty and personal products as well as wrinkle reducing creams.

Science has also discovered that it is entirely possible to stimulate the skin to grow more of it’s own elastin and collagen and this is the perfect solution to improving skin elasticity. If the skin produces more of it’s own collagen and elastin then it is helping restore skin elasticity itself and thereby restoring skin health.

And as skin health improves and as skin elasticity improves with it wrinkles are reduced as a byproduct of an improvement in skin health and elasticity.

There are now excellent natural skin care products available which do exactly that. They contain ingredients which have been shown to stimulate the skin to produce more of it’s own collagen and elastin and studies have shown visible results within a few weeks.

These products do not contain any chemical ingredients but rather contain natural ingredients that are safe to use such as essences from Japanese seaweed and from the wool of sheep as well as a range of natural occurring oils such as Shea butter and Babassu oil, both sourced from fruit.

The best wrinkle reducing cream is in fact a range of products all targeted to improving skin health overall rather than specifically at reducing wrinkles. That is because, as we said previously, wrinkles are an effect of aging and it is necessary to tackle the cause rather than the effect. The cause is lowered skin elasticity resulting from the loss of collagen and elastin with age.

All these natural skin care products, which are the best wrinkle reducer products in the world, contain the ingredients we previously mentioned as well as others. All will help improve general skin health and elasticity and as a result of doing that wrinkles, lines and skin sagging will also reduce.

All made by a small niche natural skin care company that makes some of the finest products on the market today.So remember, simple wrinkle reducing creams are tackling the effect rather than the cause. Improve skin health and the wrinkles reduce as well.

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