The best eye cream wrinkles must target a number of different ageing factors

One of the first places that you will start to notice you’re ageing skin is around your eyes, and for that reason many women are looking for the best eye cream for wrinkles around the eyes.

So today we wanted to look at exactly why you get wrinkles, as well as dark circles, around and under your eyes, and to tell you why we think one eye cream in particular is the best eye cream for wrinkles.

As your skin ages it starts to lose 2 critical components, namely collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are both extremely important for maintaining optimum skin health, as well as important throughout many other areas of your body.

Both elastin and collagen are skin proteins, and between them they are largely responsible for the maintenance of the elasticity of your eye cream for wrinkles

In other words they help hold your skin firm. When you were young your skin was firm and supple but as you grew older you started to notice that your skin was starting to sag and it is the loss of elasticity in your skin that causes this particular problem.

And of course wrinkles, including wrinkles around the eyes, are nothing more than loose skin which is sagging.

As your body grows older it’s ability to replace lost collagen and elastin suffers, and it is unable to sufficiently replace these 2 essential proteins.

However whilst it is true that the loss of collagen and elastin in your skin is a big part of the cause of eye wrinkles there are specific causes which relate only to the area of skin around your eyes, and for this reason the best eye cream for wrinkles is specifically targeted to reducing wrinkles, dark circles and bagging around the eyes.

The cause of the dark circles underneath your eyes is minute amounts of blood which gather under the eyes as tiny capillaries become broken and blood leaks from them. Although this is in very small amounts the result is the visible dark marks.

And as well as this fluid can build up underneath your eyes causing that characteristic bagging.

And so there are a number of specific areas that need to be addressed by an effective eye cream for wrinkles.

The cream needs to address the loss of collagen and elastin, though this is the same for the rest of your face. However any good eye cream needs to address these other specific issues, namely reducing the dark circles and bags under the eyes.

There is an ingredient called Eyeliss, which has been shown in trials to significantly improve the drainage around the eyes, and this helps reduce both the puffiness and dark marks. Eyeliss is not so much a product that you buy itself, more an ingredient that is used in quality skin care products.

And whilst eye creams containing Eyeliss are effective, and studies have shown them to be very effective, if the product also incorporates ingredients to help address the problem of loss of collagen and elastin then it becomes dramatically more effective.

You may well see many eye creams on the shelves which list collagen and elastin on the label. In fact it has been recognized for some time that neither collagen or elastin can enter the skin, and therefore incorporating them into the product is completely useless, (at least to you, it’s not useless to the skin care companies because it sells lots of products).

However the best eye cream for wrinkles incorporates revolutionary new ingredients which actually stimulate the skin to produce more collagen and elastin itself. This is a much more effective way to increase the store of collagen and elastin in the skin, and when combined with the beneficial effects of Eyeliss make for an extremely effective eye cream for wrinkles.

This product is the Eye Contour Serum from Xtend Life.

In fact the company that makes this outstanding eye cream is so proud of their product that they offer a full 100 percent money back guarantee, and this is very unusual for any product like this.

Of ¬†course you also have to manage your expectations. Whilst it is true that this product works to reduce fine lines, crows feet and wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles around the eyes, it won’t make you look like a teenager again.

It will make your eyes look much better, and you feel better, but you need to understand that as you age your skin will look a little older. Whilst you can improve that dramatically there are limitations.

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