Are Dietary Supplements Regulated?

Dietary supplements are big business, and there is a lot of money to be made in the sale of dietary and health supplements. And the sale of dietary and health supplements is not currently regulated in the US.

So there are good reasons why you need to read this page. Given both the facts above, the health supplements industry is one filled with false promises and outright lies, and you need to be a well educated consumer before you consider buying health supplements.

Take this quote from AOL Health. “Dietary supplements may be sold to the public without testing and approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Because of this, their effectiveness, purity, and quality are not known. For example, it is not required for manufacturers to detail how much of a product is the labeled supplement, such as melatonin, and how much of it is other substances or “fillers.”

And as dietary supplements are not regulated claims made by the manufacturers of these products are not tested and so cannot be relied on as accurate, unless you know they come from a reputable company committed to the highest quality ingredients and to standards of honesty and professionalism.

Unfortunately this puts the consumer in a difficult position. Good quality health supplements have been shown many times to be beneficial to the health. They have been shown to help slow the aging process, improve the appearance and health of the skin, and provide many health benefits in supplements

However not all supplements are “good quality”. And you need to be able to sort out the good from the bad.

And this isn’t the hardest part. Not only are many health and nutritional supplements of poor quality, but some actually contain ingredients that are known to be bad for the health, and in some cases actually known or suspected as causing cancer.

Read our page about natural skin care for some examples.

So if you are buying the wrong supplement then at best you’re wasting your money and at worst you’re taking risks with your health. All when you’re trying hard to improve your health, not harm it.

Unfortunately it is extremely difficult to research health supplements for the average consumer. The range of ingredients in many supplements is wide, and as stated already, many do not even contain the ingredients claimed on the label, or in the amounts claimed.

Add to this another problem. Good quality healthy supplements do not contain one single ingredient, but should contain a wide range of different ingredients, each designed to be a part of a whole. Because research has shown that individual ingredients work in synergy with others, that for one ingredient to work it needs other ingredients to be present, often in certain related quantities.

And if this isn’t the case then one ingredient may be totally useless, for example because the body is unable to process and absorb it, and so it passes uselessly out of the body some time after it is taken.

And it is even possible that 2 different ingredients can cancel each other out or even have harmful side effects when combined.

And it is also necessary for the educated consumer to understand other factors as well when choosing their health supplements.

For example many of the ingredients used by companies manufacturing health and dietary supplements are manufactured not by the company that manufactures the supplements but somewhere else. And if the factory where the individual ingredients are made has not been thoroughly audited by the company using it’s ingredients, then the quality, and even the safety, of those ingredients, is unknown.

It’s a bit of a minefield isn’t it? And for the uneducated consumer it’s extremely difficult finding a path through these difficulties, and sourcing some truly high quality health supplements that actually work.

Here at Natural Health we hope to have solved that dilemma for you. We are pleased to say that after quite some effort and research we have found a company that supplies what we consider to be the best quality health supplements in the world. And no, it’s not a US company.

And that’s good because, as we noted already, the production and sale of health and dietary supplements is totally unregulated in the US, and a minefield.

We believe that the products made by the New Zealand company X-Tend Life to be the highest quality available, and unsurpassed in quality and effectiveness.

X-Tend Life make a wide range of health and health related products, from natural and organic skin care products, to organic products to combat osteoporosis, cholesterol, arthritis, depression, diabetes, mental problems related to memory and concentration and much much more.

One of the primary reasons why we have such confidence in their products is that they offer the best product guarantee in the business. They offer a full 90 day money back guarantee on their products. That allows ample time for a product to be shipped, and taken for several months or more by the consumer so that the consumer can see for themselves what benefits they have found from taking the product.

The guarantee is unconditional, full money supplements

In our view that guarantee itself says plenty about X-Tend Life’s commitment to the quality and efficacy of their products. And not only does the guarantee extend to the effectiveness of the products, but it also extends to the value for money, so you can claim a refund if you find other products manufactured by other products that offer better value than the X-Tend Life product.

X-Tend Life do all of their own product research using some of the worlds best scientists. And not only do they do initial research they also do follow up research on their finished products, a process virtually unheard of in the supplements industry, because it is so expensive.

And not only do they do their own research but they manufacture their own products in their own high quality manufacturing facility in New Zealand, thereby eliminating the problems associated with sourcing ingredients from possibly suspect sources.

Their flagship product is called Total Balance, which is currently in it’s 6th generation following changes to it after new DNA research. Total Balance if formulated specifically for each sex, so there is a different version of Total Balance for men, and for women.

I quote the company website about some of the benefits reported by customers who have used Total Balance.

An improved sense of wellbeing
Increased energy
Clearer skin
Stronger nails and more lustrous hair
Improved eyesight
A sharper and clearer mind
Improved blood profiles
A stronger and healthier heart and circulation
Less susceptibility to colds, flu’s and viruses
Reduction or elimination of some allergies
Improved sleep
Improved libido and sexual activity
Fewer night time trips to the bathroom

And Total Balance is just the start, they have a wide range of nutritional supplements both targeted to specific health concerns and also for more general health improvements. And they are formulated to work in conjunction with each other, so you can take a general product like Total Balance and combine it with a nutritional product targeted to a specific problem you might have, like high cholesterol.

We recommend you take plenty of time to read the X-Tend Life website. There is plenty of information there about their company philosophy, their product philosophy, their product manufacturing and product guarantee.

There is also plenty of information about specific health related problems, and the solutions they offer in their range of high quality organic nutritional and health supplements.

And try at least one of their products if you’re interested in natural and organic health supplements. After all, with a guarantee like they offer you have 90 days to try any of their products with money back on offer, you can’t do better than that.

Thanks for reading all this way, we hope you find what you’re looking for in high quality health supplements, if you try the X-Tend Life products you won’t be disappointed.

Written by - Natural Health

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