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One of the most insidious diseases to inflict older people in our modern society is osteoporosis. Brittle bone disease. It is responsible, it is estimated, for a person in the UK breaking a bone (unnecessarily) every 3 minutes of every day. 

Osteoporosis is entirely preventable if you don’t have it now, and if you do it responds to some simple lifestyle changes and good dietary habits, including supplementation.

We hope that, by the end of this page, you will understand more about what osteoporosis is and how you can prevent it or reverse it. Please keep reading if you are worried about osteoporosis.

Brittle bone disease is a condition that affects many of our older citizens, and some younger ones. It is basically a condition characterized by the loss of bone density in our skeletal system. It is the number 1 bone disorder in post menopausal women.

The causes of osteoporosis, or brittle bone disease, are many. There are a number of modern pharmaceuticals that are known to be responsible for a reduction in our bone density, as well as certain specific diseases and lifestyle choices.

For example smoking and lack of exercise can both contribute to brittle bones, as can high alcohol intake.

It can also be affected by a lack of certain vitamins and minerals in our body, calcium in particular. And even if we have an adequate intake of some vitamins, including calcium, we can also have a problem. For example calcium can be leached from our bones so the body can attempt to correct vitamin and mineral deficiencies elsewhere.

How Do You Know If You Have A Problem With Brittle Bones?osteoporosis

There is a test you can undertake, called a Bone Density Test, which your doctor can organize for you. This will tell you your specific bone density and help your practitioner diagnose any problems.

What Can You Do About Osteoporosis?

There are a number of things you can do to attempt to correct osteoporosis if you have it now. Firstly consult your doctor.

And there are also things you can do if you don’t have osteoporosis, but are in the at risk group and worried about it.

In general terms though, you can choose one (or both) of two choices. The first is to go down the path of pharmaceuticals, or drugs. There are recognized drugs on the market which are designed to tackle osteoporosis. Fosamax for example. Many report various unpleasant side effects from the use of Fosamax. You can find a link to a forum which explores this on the website of Xtend life, one of the premier companies dedicated to combating osteoporosis naturally, as well as some other extremely useful information about the natural prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.

And of course there are other steps you can take to tackle osteoporosis that don’t involve taking pharmaceuticals. A more natural approach.

It is important to understand though, that taking calcium supplements is not usually sufficient to reverse brittle bone disease. The intake of calcium is only one part of a total system approach that needs to be undertaken. Calcium is only one part of the equation, and needs to be addressed in conjunction with the other parts as well.

We favor a more balanced approach to the prevention and management of osteoporosis. Brittle bones is a lifestyle disease that results from a range of lifestyle factors that can be reversed with the intelligent use of good dietary supplementation, dietary changes and the addition of some other important factors into the lifestyle, including intelligent exercise, whatever your age.osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is not a life sentence. There are very good scientists who are dedicating themselves to finding the causes of so many of the recent lifestyle diseases that afflict so many of us, and finding natural and complementary treatments that improve our chances of avoiding or reversing the effects of some of these lifestyle diseases.

One of these companies, and in our view the very best, is a small company called Xtend Life, which researches these very diseases and produces a range of high quality dietary supplements and other natural products specifically targeted to combating osteoporosis, as well as a wide range of other lifestyle diseases and afflictions.

Osteoporosis was uncommon in the times of our grandparents, and their parents. It has become a modern scourge of our older generation, for well known reasons. As these reasons are understood our best companies are quite able to design a totally natural approach to combating osteoporosis that doesn’t involve the use of drugs.

As we mentioned, if you have a specific problem with osteoporosis now then consult your doctor first. However as a matter of general principal, it is perfectly possible to prevent osteoporosis by the application of some general principles about lifestyle and dietary changes, and good dietary supplementation.

Do yourself a favor and have a look at the information about osteoporosis offered on the website of Xtend Life.

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